Why You Need a Professional Florist for Your Wedding

While most wedding florists are recommended to couples in Singapore, most do not have an idea what goes on behind the scenes when preparing the floral decor or the bridal bouquet, because the task simply fall on the wedding florist. If you want to have the best wedding florist to do your wedding flowers, you need to understand what happens during the preparation and why it’s important to hire a professional to do it for you.

A Professional Wedding Florist has Experience

A professional wedding florist knows what needs to be done even if you do not give instructions. He/she will walk you through the preparation process and update you about any changes. You could share your ideas about what you want to do with your wedding flowers, but there is no need for you to monitor the preparation closely, so that you will have more time to focus on other aspects of the wedding. You might be spending more money on a professional wedding florist than if you ask friends and relatives to prepare the floral decor, but there is a guarantee that the florist knows what he/she is doing, produces quality work and service, and will show up on time for your wedding.

The Wedding Florist is Committed to Quality

Once you sign a contract with a wedding florist in Singapore, you do not have to feel stressed about getting the flowers on time before the wedding. After all, they are obligated to give you quality products and services. Their experience in providing floral decor for weddings is also invaluable, because you do not need to worry about how to go about the preparations yourself. You are assured that the flowers and the flower arrangement are professionally done and will be delivered on time as opposed to handling all the preparations yourself on top of handling other details for your wedding.

Hiring Friends and Relatives is a No-No

You might be thinking that it would be much easier to hire friends and relatives who have some experience with wedding flowers than hiring a wedding florist. But this is a huge mistake because you might not get the quality you’re expecting. Working for free or paying them more than a professional wedding florist will charge might also strain your relationship and cause you stress. They are not obligated by any contract to give you the best results, although your friends will do their best. It’s not that your friends and family are unwilling to help, they can still assist you with the preparations, but you should not take chances if you want quality bridal bouquet, floral decor, and services.

DIY Wedding Flowers Can be Risky and Stressful

While there are a lot of guides on how to create beautiful wedding flowers, it’s better not to take chances, especially if you’re expecting a lot of guests in a large wedding reception venue. You should not cause yourself unnecessary stress days before your wedding. If you are worried about the customization and personalization of the bridal bouquet and wedding flowers, you should hire a wedding florist at Singapore who is willing to accommodate your ideas. There are wedding packages that will allow the couples to select the flower, colors, accessories, arrangement, style, and number of flowers.

It Allows for a Collaboration of Ideas

A professional wedding florist can help you realize your dream wedding. They are trained and experienced in giving the best flowers and quality service that newlyweds deserve on their most special day. Do not be afraid to share your ideas, because the wedding florist will be more than happy to help you with the preparation. He/she can also give suggestions and other ideas you might have missed and will be able to walk you through the entire process of preparing and cleaning up the decorations. There is no need for you to look for the flowers yourself and negotiate with other vendors because that’s part of the wedding florist’s job.

Hiring a Florist Will Give You Time for Other Things

You should not try to create your bridal bouquet yourself. A professional can do a better job and will take the pressure off you on your wedding day. You will be too busy overseeing the other preparations to attend to small details even if you prepare months ahead of the wedding. The wedding florist can give your ideas about how to achieve the kind of look and feel you want for your wedding venue, and will give suggestions about which flowers, the style of arrangement, and how many flowers a venue needs. Some couples who are too busy to think of new ideas will try to replicate wedding decorations they have seen before, but the wedding florist can help you use that inspiration to create your own ideas within your budget.

You Have Access to More Flowers and Styles

Just because you did your research about how to create a bridal bouquet or to come up with designs for floral decor, that does not mean that you will not need the knowledge and experience of a professional. You cannot be the head stylist for your wedding party, because you will be too busy for other preparations. You will also have no access to the best vendors and suppliers in Singapore, unlike a wedding florist who knows where to find the best flowers and accessories. With the help of a professional, you will have the access to best products and the most experienced florists in the country.

Follow-Ups and the Cleanup are Easy

A professional will not hesitate to assist you during the preparations. However, most couples tend to forget what happens after the event, especially during the cleanup of the decorations. Your wedding florist in Singapore should be able to provide quality service from preparation to cleanup as part of your contract. They should also give you the option of preserving your bridal bouquet and other floral decor.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*