Why Vũng Tàu, Vietnam is the Place to Be

Vietnam is no longer one of the hidden gems in the Southeast Asia region due to its growing in popularity among travelers and tourists. Vietnam is not just historically and culturally-rich, but it’s also endowed with hundreds of beautiful destinations from its national parks to pristine beaches to imposing pre-colonial temples. You’d have a hard time picking a few destinations when you travel to Vietnam because there’s so much to see.

Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

If you decide to explore other cities outside Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most recommended destinations is Vũng Tàu, the place-to-be even for the locals during weekends. Vũng Tàu is part of both a commercial and industrial province in the country and is located in a peninsula separated from the mainland by the Co May river.

• History. Like most of Vietnam, Vũng Tàu is rich in history and was originally called Tam Thang, but was later renamed to Vũng Tàu during the Saigon administration. In pre-colonial times, it was a part of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Bien Hoa province. It was also an important trading post in the 14th and 15th centuries and was pivotal in the outcome of the French-Vietnamese war in 1859. Primarily a fishing town, Vũng Tàu was considered a tourist spot even by the soldiers during the Vietnam War.

• Commerce. Even if its role in trading has diminished over the years, it’s still an important stop in the country’s petroleum industry, with a large number of foreign workers living in the city and supporting the gas and crude oil industries.

• Destinations. There are so many things to do and so many sights to see at Vũng Tàu. One of which is the popular kahuna from Vietnam, which is a sought-after tourist spot in Vietnam that features luxurious villas and breathtaking view of the Vũng Tàu seaside. Other sights you might want to visit in Vũng Tàu are the Vũng Tàu Market, Bach Dinh, Martyr’s Memorial, Trung Vuong Square, Thắng Tam Local Gods Communal House, Thắng Tam Temple, Vũng Tàu Lighthouse, Jesus Statue on Small Mountain, the pagodas of Thích Ca Phật Đài and Niết Bàn Tịnh Xá, The Cloud Lake Park, and several beaches near Big Mount and Small Mount.

• Tourism. Accommodations in Vũng Tàu rival that of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and condos in Ho Chi Minh City. Take your pick from its world-class resorts, cafes, hotels, Vung Tau condo, private villas, pubs, and grills. There are various activities available for everyone as well, such as, biking, climbing, golf, swimming, and hiking.

Kahuna Ho Tram

There are more places to see in Vũng Tàu, although most of these places are still being developed, including the breathtaking Kahuna in ho tram strip. This city in Vietnam is said to be the next tourist hotspot in the coming years with the development of multi-million resorts and condotels around the place. The Kahuna Ho Tram Resort specifically is one of the newest additions in the growing Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, which includes several property investment buildings like the beach villa for sale, villa beside golf course destinations, and holiday resort investment. The project began in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

• Ho Tram Strip. One of Vũng Tàu’s best destinations is the Ho Tram Strip, which has attracted local and foreign investments for development since 2013. It includes one of the country’s earliest integrated resorts and is internationally-known for its excellent service, accommodations, and entertainment hubs. It’s like the Vegas of Vietnam and is also has one of Asia’s best golf courses. Now, there is a chance to invest in condo within the vicinity through various property investment opportunities.

• Features. The Kahuna Ho Tram features world-class amenities and destinations that will help Vũng Tàu’s growing popularity as a rest and relaxation destination for both locals and foreign tourists. The Kahuna Ho Tram project includes your very own Vung Tau condo, access to various beach resorts, beach club, villa beside golf course, and other entertainment and shopping facilities.

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