What Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air-Conditioner for Your Home Office

The first thing that comes to mind as soon as the heat turns up is to “chill out” – and like millions of others in Singapore, you’re not alone. More people are now spending on air conditioning units as a way to keep cool than there have been for the past years.

And when it comes to looking for an air conditioning unit for your home or your business, there are factors to consider to ensure you get the most comfort aside from the unit’s price and other features. Here are a few for your consideration:


Noise can be a significant factor when you’re trying to keep cool, whether you’re at home or you’re in your office in your own business. This is because of a number of reasons. For instance, air conditions that have a high noise factor may not be as likely to last longer than other models that have a lower noise factor.

Another reason why you need to look out is that the constant noise coming from your air conditioning unit may make it difficult for you to relax or focus on the task at hand. Units with lower noise models ultimately provide a better experience.

Ease of Filter Access

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is important for keeping your room cool the best way that you can, and this starts with the filter.
The filter is the part of your aircon unit separates any dust motes and other particles from going through the machine’s fan, but too much dust and cobwebs trapped in the filter can also lower the overall quality of the aircon unit.

Having a filter that’s easy to access and clean out will make your time doing your own aircon maintenance much easier, as well as keep the air dust-free for longer (which is good for people in the room who have allergies).

Cooling Capacity

When getting an aircon unit, make sure it has an output of at least 20 Btu (British thermal unit) for each square foot of living space.
You can measure this by multiplying the room’s length by its width, multiply the number by twenty, and then compare and contrast the result with the Btu output of various units/models until you come across the one you need.

However, keep in mind that this isn’t the only criteria you can use. As much as possible, consider adding allowances in space when choosing a unit/model, such as your ceiling’s height and the size of your doorways and windows.


The area where the unit will be installed also needs to be considered. For instance, heavily shaded rooms tend to be cooler than sunnier rooms, and that the more people using the room, the higher the output the unit needs to give.

Aircon units are both intricate and heavy, which makes proper installation crucial in making sure they work well when installed. While most units are meant to be installed in rooms with double-hung windows, certain units are best installed directly through the wall.

This is when you might want to consider calling the best aircon master in Singapore to make sure your unit is installed correctly in a location that is not only level (for the unit to drain correctly), but also far enough from appliances that generate heat.


Brand-new aircon units often have a warranty of one year by themselves, but you can also choose to extend it for a longer period of time. Be sure to discuss your aircon servicing warranty with your manufacturer before making your purchase.

What Aircon Servicing Can Do For You

Air conditioners are essential products in our daily lives, and are the perfect equipment to make your surroundings (whether you’re at work or at home) comfortable. And because they are often invaluable aspects of a home or workplace, investing in a maintenance service is now more important than ever.

Aircon servicing can do a lot for your home or business in Singapore. Here are a few things that they can do keep your home or office comfortable:

• Better Energy Output – A clogged air filter can lead to increased power consumption, which leads to low performance for the unit. Dust, cobwebs, and other particles can also decrease the performance of other parts of the unit that may be harder to reach, such as your unit’s condenser coil.

Regular aircon servicing improves your aircon unit’s efficiency through maintenance over time. They reduce energy consumption and keep your room or office cooler for longer.

• Lower Repair Costs – Regular maintenance costs are much more manageable in the long run when compared to emergency repairs. Maintenance is also much less intrusive, and lets you pay more attention to your air conditioning unit.

• Longer Shelf Life – With regular servicing, your aircon unit can keep performing well even long after the warranty has expired. This keeps you from having to buy and install newer units, and saves you a lot more of your budget.

Maintenance is much better than repair, and with regular maintenance, your appliances will last longer, and you also save more money that would otherwise go to buying newer units.

Our aircon servicing assures that not only do your aircon units perform well, but also that you are comfortable at home and at work for as long as possible.