What Are the Different Kinds of Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. Not only is it where the food is made, but is also the workplace of your chefs and cooks, who will need commercial kitchen equipment to make your dishes.

Without a proper functioning workplace, you will have a hard time getting your specialty dishes out to the tables. And much like any workplace, your kitchen needs commercial kitchen equipment to bring the best that your restaurant has to offer.

As an soon-to-be restaurant owner, it’s important that you not only know the different kinds of kitchen equipment that you’ll be needing, but also to know exactly how each one works and how to keep them in good shape to last you a long time.

Essential Appliances

While you may already know the different kinds of basic equipment used in the kitchen, it never hurts to refresh your mind on how each one works and what they should be used for.

    • Oven – What makes ovens a versatile must-have appliance for your kitchen is that not only will you be using an oven for your pastries, but you will be using one to heat up food quickly and with little delay.

    • Stove Range – There’s a good chance that many of your main dishes (as well as appetizers) will need to be prepared over an open flame, and a commercial stove range is always the powerhouse of the kitchen. Commercial stove ranges can either be powered by gas or electricity.

    • Grill – Grills are used to make a plethora of meat dishes. If your menu will consist of having two or more of them, you will need to make room for a grill to make things easier.
    There are different advantages of having a grill to cook your meat dishes instead of cooking on the gas range with a wire rack, the biggest of which is allowing the fat of the cut to easily come out and render the meat.

    • Deep Fryer – Because no dish is complete without a side, a deep fryer from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore is a must-have for your restaurant when it comes to getting food out quickly. Deep fryers are designed to quickly fry as much food as possible, and mainly consists of a temperature-regulated pool of oil with a strainer to strain the food from the excess oil.

    • Food processors – Whether you need a batch bowl, continuous feed, buffalo chopper, or a combination of any or all of the previous three, you will always need one of these to process all types of ingredients to a consistency that your recipe needs while saving time, and you can also add different attachments to collect the chopped/processed food.

    • Freezers and Refrigerators – No commercial kitchen or restaurant is complete without a freezer or refrigerator to store frozen goods or perishable ingredients. Refrigerating is a wonder of modern technology that allows these kinds of ingredients to last longer, which make them a necessity in any kitchen.

    This is one piece of equipment that you can easily get from any kitchen equipment supplier, whether new or used, without much fuss about its safety – this is because industrial refrigeration units are designed to meet the needs of the food industry in Singapore.

    There are many kinds of refrigerators and freezers available, but mostly fall under reach-in and walk-in types of units.

Other Kinds of Equipment and Appliances

As much as you need the aforementioned appliances for your restaurant in Singapore to operate smoothly, you also need to install the following to make sure your kitchen stays in top shape:

    • Shelving – From plates, spoons, and forks, to glasses, and even pots and pans and ingredients, you not only need a cool, dry place where they can be safe from falling off and breaking, but also to keep them away from pests. A good shelf that’s high enough to do this but also within reach for your staff is a must-have for your kitchen to operate smoothly.

    Shelves also free up a lot of space for your staff to work with, which makes it easier for them to cook safely without having to worry about knocking over stacks of breakables as they move about from station to station.

    • Sinks and Preparation Counters – Sinks are not only where dishes get washed, but also where the meats are thawed and the vegetables are washed. Preparation counters are where the cooked dishes are placed to cool down for a minute or two before being served.

    • Safety Equipment – Safety and sanitation equipment are two of the last, but not the last, things you should keep in mind when starting a restaurant. Be sure to contact your local fire department and health department before purchasing any of these types of equipment to make sure they are up to code and adhere to current regulations.

Should You Buy Them New or Used?

The good news is that you can buy used commercial kitchen equipment in order to stay within your set budget. However, if you can’t, you can always resort to purchasing new equipment that you can sell later on if you don’t need them anymore.
You should talk with your kitchen equipment supplier about the equipment that you want to buy. As much as possible, aside from talking about the price range, take the time to ask questions about how long a particular piece of equipment has been around.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*