The Importance of Branding Your Coffee Cart Catering Service

Now that you have your coffee and your start-up appliances and gadgets to start your very own mobile coffee catering service, you need to think about how you want your customers to see you – this is where the branding aspect of business comes in.

Branding is big, and is even a big business in and of itself. Many successful companies and businesses have strong ones, and the biggest and most successful have ones that you look at every day.

You see these brands all the time, and unless you live in a rural area, it can be hard to not encounter a single brand. You wear brands, you eat brands, and you use brands – you might even recommend them to your friends over a latte fresh from your mobile coffee cart.

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs starting out on their own business focus on the income aspect so much that they forget about their brand. But why is this important for your humble coffee push cart? Here are three reasons to convince you to put some thought on it:

1. The brand is more than the logo

In short, it’s not so much the brand itself as the recognition that the brand generates.

When you look at the green minimalist logo of a two-tailed mermaid, what is it that comes to mind? Starbucks. When you look at it, you instantly think things such as mocha, latte, or even cappuccino. The same could go vice-versa, and for other products and brands as well.

Believe it or not, your brand is how people see you and know who you are, as well as your ethics and values. This is how they know exactly what your business DNA looks like, and how you want to continue your coffee catering business in the future.

When customers think of a certain product, they will associate that product with your brand and be more inclined to purchase from you in the future. So how do you want people to see your mobile coffee cart?

2. Branding boosts morale (or at least, it’s supposed to)

Mobile coffee is great, but do you know what could make it even greater? Mobile coffee that’s so good people recognize you just by looking at your logo.

When starting a mobile coffee catering service, it’s important to see the brand as a person. A common problem among marketing and leadership teams is not being unified in how they believe a brand should communicate.

Brands are more than just fonts and logos, and you shouldn’t just think of them that way. Think of them as people – they’re born, they speak for you, they age, and they can even die. We love some brands and hate others, and these help us make choices.

How does your brand speak? If you haven’t one yet, how do you want it to? How do you want it to stand and act? Having a personality about the coffee cart from Singapore brand can help you figure out how you want it to behave, and this lies in how you want to resonate with your audience and how you want your audience to receive your message.

The process of figuring this out may take some time. It would even need a bit of research into how your target demographic responds to the latest trends in products and services similar to yours. But when done right, a solid personality will give you something your audience can latch on to.

3. Strong brands generate referrals

And lots of them. Once you’re able to reach a sizeable base of loyal patrons, you’ll be able to clearly see the effects of having a brand associated with your mobile coffee cart. These effects come two-fold, and you’ll see them taking place during as you make your daily rounds with your coffee cart.

You can bet that people will talk about the brands that they love, and if they like what you offer, they will refer you to friends and family. With this, you’ve essentially doubled or even tripled your number of patrons with little effort, and now you have to get another coffee cart to serve more customers.

Depending on your popularity, you might even have to get not a cart, but a trailer and more cappuccino makers. If you’re still not convinced, a strong brand might even be a reason for other business to work with you in order to sell their products to more customers – a win-win for everyone!

Now that you’re convinced that you should give your brand a thought or two, here are some tips you can use to help you realize it and how you want it to speak for you:

• List an inventory of your skills. What are you especially good at? And since you’re selling coffee, what makes it different from that sold by other brands, such as Starbucks, or even McDonald’s? The things that make you unique will be the basis of your brand.

• Find out what your customers need. Every brand will set out to differentiate itself based on a particular need that they see from the customers. If you see that customers are looking for a home-brew alternative to commercial coffee, for example, then position your brand in such a way that it reflects this need.

• Keep your focus on what makes you unique. This may require a lot of thinking and creativity, as well as a good amount of effort and legwork to pull off. The trick is to look for that particular balance in both specificity and uniqueness with the ability to expand and diversify to allow for further growth for your business.