Getting the Right Size For Her Engagement Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings have always been a symbol of love for couples. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes everlasting union as it exhibits neither a beginning nor an ending point. And the tradition of wearing it on the left hand is said to originate from ancient Egyptian belief that the ring finger has a vein that directly connects to the heart.

With this symbolism and meaning, an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. Since you want your future wife to wear the ring for the rest of her life, it only makes sense that you get the ring in her exact size.

Variation of Ring Sizes

When it comes to wedding ring, size matters—a lot! Standard ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the ring’s inner circumference. However, just like clothing sizes, ring sizes vary from vendor to vendor. A size six in one jeweller may not have the same fit with another jeweller’s size six.

Ring sizing becomes even more complicated when you consider regional variations and deviations of sizing charts. American, German, and Japanese follow unique numerical scale that’s different from one another. The deviations of ring size charts also matters, since all jewellers in the world follow different sizing metrics. The metrics have something to do with the circumference or the diameter of the ring, and it is up to the jeweller what metric system they will use.

See Directly the Jeweller for Sizing

Although you can easily find ring sizing tools and charts online, the best and the easiest method is to skip the DIY and go straight to the jeweller.

Jewellery shops in Singapore use a mandrel—a metal wand with markers for sizing—to accurately determine the size of the ring. The ring is slipped on the wand and wherever it stops tells the size. By directly go to a jeweler such as ling jewellery made to order proposal ring in Singapore you won’t have to worry about the differences of sizing charts and measuring methods.

On the other hand, if you want to get an idea of the ring size before going to a jeweller, consider purchasing a plastic ring sizer or your own mandrel set to use at home. Although getting sized by a professional jeweller is more accurate, purchasing your own sizer can be more convenient.

Ring Sizing Tips

When shopping for an engagement ring, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

• Always Go For a Snug Fit
When shopping for an engagement ring, jewellers’ number one advice is to go for a snug fit. If shopping together, let your girlfriend fit the ring. The one that goes on easy and comes off hard is the best fit. This means that the ring is sized perfectly for her finger, minimizing chances of accidental slip offs.

• Consider the Band’s Width
If the wedding ring you’re eyeing has wider band, expect that it will fit tighter on her. Jewellers in Singapore recommend going up a quarter or half a size for rings with wider bands.

• Ask for a Ring Sizer From Your Jewellery Store

Many jewellery stores in Singapore provide their customers with ring sizer. If you already found a vendor like in Singapore where you will buy your proposal ring, you can request for a printable ring sizer, which they can conveniently email to you.

• Consider the Season
Are you buying the engagement ring during cooler season? If so, consider that our fingers tend to expand a bit during the hotter season. Buy a ring in size that won’t be uncomfortable for her during the hotter months.

• Go for Bigger Size
If all else fails, go for a bigger size. Remember, it’s easier to reduce size than to expand.

Getting Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You don’t have to ruin your surprise proposal by asking your girl directly her ring size. Find someone who may have the scoop on what her ring size is. Her mom, sister, or best friend may know or can work their magic to help you find out her ring size discreetly.

Also, notice the jewellery she’s wearing. Does she wear the same ring over and over again? It might be because it fits her finger perfectly. Wait for her to remove it and secretly take it to the jeweller when you think she won’t wear it (e.g. a day off from work, house cleaning, etc.). But if she only takes it off to shower or work-out, and you have limited access to the jewellery, get a new bar of soap and press the ring into it, just enough to make a clear mark to serve as a mold. The jeweller should be able to tell the size according to the markings on the mold.

If she only takes off the ring for a few minutes, perhaps to slather on some lotion and get dressed in the morning, the quickest way to get her size is to slip the ring on your finger and have a Sharpee ready to mark how far down it goes into your finger.

Planning an engagement can be exciting. However, when you get to the point of buying an engagement ring, it can get quite intimidating as you need to sneak your way to knowing your fiancé’s ring size. Hopefully, with these tips, shopping for a proposal ring would be less stressful for all our soon-to-be-groom friends.