Trademark Registration Process in Singapore

Trademark registration is an important step to establishing your brand and getting ahead of competition. In Singapore where there are a lot of investment opportunities, you will have to compete with brands that have loyal customers who want quality and assurance. A registered mark can put you on the same playing field as the companies with established brands.

Benefits of a Registered Mark
To register trademark means creating a unique identity for your company, but you will also get to enjoy several benefits, such as the following:

• Protection. Trademark registration is the best way to protect your brand from copycats and imposters who might wish to use the reputation of your brand to sell their products and/or services. This often happens to small businesses that are popular to the public and another entrepreneur will try to steal the idea because it works. The cost to submit a business mark application in Singapore is considerably a good investment for your business endeavor. If you register trademark, not only is the name of the business protected, but also the logo, design, colors, and tagline that you use to market your products and/or services. As part of the intellectual property laws, you are the recognized owner of your registered mark and you are given the right to use it for profit.
• Validation. Applying for a trademark registration in Singapore also ensures that you are copying other brands, too. The registered mark will less likely have problems because you have proven that it is original and unique.
• Enforcement. If you decided to take legal action against copycats or impostors, you will stand a batter chance at winning and getting compensation if you have a registered mark. The burden of proof will fall on the offender or the one who does not own the registered mark, because intellectual property laws recognizes that you are the owner of the brand. You will also spend less money than if you pay for damages even when you unintentionally or unknowingly copied a brand design.

• Public Notice. Part of the trademark registration process is advertising your trademark to determine whether the public will approve or object. The public can object if they think that the design or logo looks similar to a registered mark. If there is an objection, the applicant will be given time to complete the necessary actions to get approval.
• Security. Majority of the companies in Singapore also advertise online, which means that there will also be copycats and imposters that might sell the same product or a rip-off product. Intellectual property laws also cover trademark protection online especially in social media where your brand can be misrepresented or copied by other entrepreneurs. The offender has to pay damages to the owner the brand has been proven a copy.
• Brand Loyalty. Customers always look for brands they can trust. After all, they are spending their money on your products and/or services, that is why it is your responsibility to reassure them that you are operating a legal business which lawfully met copyright requirements. Establishing brand loyalty is essential to the growth of any business. With your avid customers patronizing your brand, you can renew trademark in Singapore even past its expiration and extend existing trademark by 10 years.

Registering Your Brand
A registered mark gives you exclusive rights and ownership on the name, an asset that you can use to improve and expand your business. Companies of any size are encouraged to apply for trademark registration in Singapore to enjoy the benefits detailed above.

The validity of the trademark registration lasts for about ten years and is renewable. Remember that if you register TM at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), it means that the protection of the trademark only applies in the country. If you wish to apply for protection overseas, you can also submit the trademark application at IPOS using the Madrid Protocol.

Here are the things you need to do to apply for a trademark.

1. File an application form that includes the name of the owner, the address of the company, the goods and/or services that will be filed under that trademark, and the clear graphical representation of the trademark.
2. The goods and/or services filed under the trademark must be identified based on the classes. There are 11 service classes and 34 goods classes for trademark registration.
3. Pay the fee for trademark registration. The fee is applicable per class identified.
4. Issuance of a mark number by IPOS 15 days after checking the requirements.
5. Examination of the IPOS to determine if the trademark follows the Trade Mark Act guidance. The report can usually take up to four months to complete.
6. If the examination report is negative, the applicant will be given four months to respond. The applicant, however, can apply for an extension if needed.
7. If the examination report is positive, IPOS will publish the trademark in the Trade Mark Journal. This will determine if there are objections to the application within a two-month period. If there are oppositions, it may be necessary to conduct a hearing.
8. If there is no opposition to the published trademark, the owner will be given a certificate of registration.
9. The trademark application may be renewed by the owner after ten years but must show that the registered mark has been use for five consecutive years since its date of registration.
10. For owner wishing to register trademark outside Singapore and for foreigners who wish to designate Singapore, application may be done via the Madrid Protocol. The same steps listed above are applied but additional fees are required. The designated countries will also examine the trademark before the certificate is granted.
11. Renewal of trademark registration may be done online by submitting the application form and paying the fee.
12. The owner may grant a license to another party to use the registered mark. This can be done through agreements or contracts. The type of license may be exclusive or non-exclusive and a limiting the license for a specific purpose or non-transferable license. The owner should consult a lawyer if he/she wishes to grant licenses, franchise, or sell the trademark.

The Benefits of Using Accounting Software in Producing Invoices

Accounting software is a big help to the daily business operations of Singapore-based companies. Every day, a lot of invoices are being prepared and sent to clients, and computerized accounting system makes it possible for a tedious task like this to be done with ease.

The attractiveness of accounting software as an indispensable tool in producing invoices has increased as it has become easy to use even for those without accounting background and as prices of the available packages in the market plummet.

One major advantage brought by computerized accounting is the speed in making invoices. The entire accounting process is made faster and more efficient by Smartacc company which provides accounting services to businesses in Singapore. Compared to manual accounting that makes use of paper and pen, you can now produce printouts of invoices, which are far more professional-looking. Aside from that, you can even send invoices through e-mail, which is a green alternative as it does not require paper and ink for printing. Speed is very important in business. The quicker you can send invoices to your clients, the quicker you are likely to get paid. Billing and invoicing packages significantly help in making the process of preparing and recording invoices automatic and seamless.

Fewer Errors
When you make invoices by “the paper and pen” method, there is a greater chance of committing mistakes. Confusion is common with the traditional method of accounting, and as a result, you might commit errors in calculating totals and doing other computations. But when you have an accounting software in Singapore to make invoices, you minimize your chances of committing errors.

Billing and invoicing software also has a feature wherein you can include a tax percentage, if appropriate, and let the system take charge of all calculations. Software for invoices is very useful, especially when you have comprehensive invoices where items are billed at different rates. Visit if you want assistance in choosing accounting services for your business needs. This way, confusion is eliminated and errors are kept at a minimal level.

Reporting of Accounts
For a business in Singapore to run well, it requires reliable and on-time information. Accounting software for billing and invoicing can help a company, both big and small, in acquiring such data. Another benefit business owners can get from using automated invoice system is the ability to run account reports that can be very helpful in determining who among their clients have already settled their accounts and who still have outstanding balance. Reports are very important as they reveal who owes you, how much is owed, and for how long. With computerized invoice system, you can monitor your finances and contact your clients who are late-payers. This can drastically minimize financial losses on your part.

Organization of Data
Losing and forgetting about invoices typically happens, particularly when prepared manually. First, bills and invoices can get lost in the mail. They can also be filed wrongly. However, with the use of accounting software package for bills and invoices, you no longer have to worry about losing these important papers. All of them can be organized in one place for you to review, reprint, and resend if there happens to be need. You can simply look into the system for invoices based on invoice numbers, names, or amounts. The entire process of searching is fast and easy as the software automatically organizes data as it is inputted.

How to Handle Electrical Overloads at Home or Office in 4 Easy Steps

Homeowners and business owners in Singapore alike can sometimes ignore the dangers of electricity. Because there are now so many devices that need to be plugged in and switched on to work, it’s actually not that hard to imagine how likely electric overloads can be.

When a current going through a circuit exceeds the circuit’s capacity, this can result in an overload. This may be because you have too many electrical devices plugged into the same outlet, or if an appliance exceeds the current capacity.

When these overloads do happen, there are usually safety features (i.e. circuit breakers and fuse boxes) to minimize any potential hazards that could arise due to the overload. These safety features are often mandatory, and can do a lot to prevent accidents from happening.

By knowing how to handle current overloads at home or at work, you can not only make sure that you minimize any potential damage, but also keep people nearby from getting hurt.

1. Know the amperage of fuses and circuit breakers

The amperage is a term used to describe the strength of an electric current, and is measured in amperes, or amps, in most modern devices and circuit breakers.

To prevent another electrical overload at home or at work, you should find out how much amperage your fuses and circuit breakers have, and these are often loaded up to eighty percent of their rating.

Put simply, a circuit breaker with a capacity of twenty amperes will trip once the current reaches sixteen amperes. Circuit breakers that keep tripping violate this rule, in which case you should contact a power trip technician in Singapore to have it checked.

2. Find out which circuits connect to which outlets/rooms

Once you’ve successfully managed to find out which circuits in your home or office keep on overloading despite how many times you changed the safety fuse, the next step you should take is to find out where the circuit connects to.

After finding the overloading circuit, switch off these electrical works. Shut down and pull the plug on all devices that happen to be connected to that circuit to minimize the risk of an electrical or fire hazard at work or at home.

Business owners and homeowners in Singapore alike can easily access their circuit legend from their office or house’s plans in order to find out where this is.

(Tip: You can use an electronic device to test if there is still power in the outlets that are directly connected to the overloading circuit.)

3. Add all your appliances’ and devices’ amperage

Proceed to plug in your appliances and switch on the breakers slowly after determining where the overloading circuit is. Be sure to take note of their amperage when you do so (ideally, there should be a sticker on your appliances that states the amount of amperage they have) and write them down.

Once you’ve added the amperage of your appliances and devices, proceed to compare this number with the maximum allowed amperage of the circuit and the circuit breaker. If the amperage of your appliances exceeds that of the circuit’s allowed amount, try shutting them down when not in use.

As much as possible, avoid using many appliances that need to be plugged in when you find that there is a circuit at home or office that is in danger of a potential electric overload, and be sure to call a licensed electrician service in Singapore when this happens.

4. Consult a professional electrician services

Electricity can both be extremely useful and extremely dangerous at the same time, and while using electricity for your appliances can be quite simple, don’t hesitate to call a professional should a problem arise.

As much as possible, call a professional electrician right away when you find yourself encountering this problem in order to avoid any potential hazards that could arise, and during the initial assessment, be sure to unplug any and all appliances that you’re not using.

A good electrician will be able to assess why the circuit is overloading as well as give you helpful advice on how to take the necessary measures to keep this from happening again, and even make sure that all your cables, wiring, and fixture installations are working properly.

Hiring an electrician services can also help you get your electrical works up-to-date to keep it run as smoothly, efficiently, and as safely as possible.

Your responsibility as a business owner or a homeowner is to be able to find and fix potential hazards in your office, especially electrical ones, such as a loose or cut wire that needs to be joined back together.

While there are some problems that you can fix yourself, there are definitely other bigger and more dangerous hazards that could cause a danger when handled poorly, and should be best left to professional services.

With a professional service helping out your business, you minimize risks for your business and get the most out of your electricals and equipment, all with the benefit of fast work and guaranteed results to ensure that your home or office is safe and ready to take on your needs.

Depending on the kind of electrical problem that you have for your home or office, you might even want to contract a professional firm that is available on call 24/7 to solve your electrical problems.

Vietnam Guide: Tips to Renting a Property in Saigon

Although there are plenty of rental accommodations in Vietnam, it is worth the while to spend a little bit of effort to search for ones with complete amenities in reasonable prices. When thinking of rent apartment at HCMC, here are some tips to keep in mind before signing the contract.

1. Know Your Goals

Be honest with yourself and know the kind of place you will be happy to live in and you would be able to afford.
Unfortunately, too many expats come to Vietnam and unsure of what kind of space to rent, do not know how to rent a house and end up renting a place they do not like. To ensure you find a place you actually want to live in for longer time, answer these following questions:

• Do you like an area with a lot of people? Some individuals like being around with people, while others are like hermit crabs and would prefer a quiet home where they are not required to socialize. If you are the former, a shared house would be ideal. It would save you money and allow you to make new friends. If you are the latter, a studio-type condominium rental in district 1 would likely be a nice option for you.

• Do you prefer to cook or dine outside? Answering this question will help you determine the most suitable location for you and decide on the house to rent. If you want to cook for yourself, an apartment for rent in district 2 that has cooking facilities like a stove and an oven would be ideal. If you prefer dining outside, a small condo unit in the heart of Vietnam would give you easy access to eateries, pubs and restaurants.

• What facilities would you prioritize? Many would prioritize a private toilet and bathroom, an air conditioning unit and a reliable internet, but there are also others who want a fridge and a television. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

• Do you want more natural lighting? If yes, rent a house with bigger windows or rent apartment in Saigon with terrace.

• Do I want a short-term or a long-term rent? Oftentimes, long-term leases have better chances of getting better prices. Landlords usually offer 12-, 6- and 3-month deals. Try to negotiate your terms and see if you can bargain.
Also, consider if there is an allotted parking space for tenants, accessibility of the landlord, existing furniture and if pets are allowed in any apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Make Friends

Be friendly with people who speak the language. They are your best sources for affordable Saigon apartment rental. Discuss with your officemates, neighbour and new found friends about renting of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to gather recommendations of the best places to rent. Who knows, one of those new found friends could be an owner of an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Skip the Agent and Browse the Internet

Since you do not speak the language, your immediate solution for Saigon apartment rental would probably be calling an agent. While this can be helpful, you will likely be priced much higher as the agent would have to charge you with his professional fee. If you want to save as much as half the rental price, search for apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh online and contact directly the owner of the property. Websites like provides updated listings of properties for rent and provides direct contact details of the owners for interested tenants to call.

4. Walk Around

This is perhaps the best tip to rent a house in district 3. A lot of house for rent in district 3 are not advertised online, and many of them come in very affordable prices. The owners simply hand a signage on the gate and wait for interested tenants to call. Other than being the best way to find hidden gems, walking around gives you a feel and an idea of the neighbourhood. Look for the magic words Cho Thuê, which means ‘for rent.’ Some signs may also say nha cho thuê, which means ‘house for rent’ followed by a contact number.

5. Visit the House

Whether it is a house, apartment or a villa rental, it is very rare to take the first unit you see. You will likely visit more properties than expected, so be patient and do not feel pressured to say ‘yes.’ When you rent apartment in HCMC, always check the water pressure. If the pressure is low, it could be that the water tank is not on the roof, which should always be so there will be no problem with water pressure. Other than the water, also check the kitchen and air conditioning of the home, as well as other things you prioritize to have (as answered in number 1).

The Neighborhood around Saigon

• Expats

As per personal choice, if you are a foreigner in Vietnam, you have the freedom to either lease masteri condominium at Thao Dien where you can find a lot of expats or rent apartment somewhere in HCMC where there’s lesser foreigners residing. Both offer different advantages. Choosing the latter will give you a chance to fully experience Vietnamese culture, while the former offers higher standard of living with expat-friendly schools and establishments nearby.

• Ho Chi Minh City

Districts 2 and 7 are the ideal neighbourhoods for expats, since they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Choosing an apartment for rent in district 2 will give you peaceful environment after a long day at work or in school. However, if you wish to live nearby the entertainment area of Saigon, condominium rental in district 1 is the best choice for you as most condo building there are situated near tourist sites, parks, bars and restaurants.

• Hanoi

If you are an expat looking for a luxurious stay, villa rental are all over Hanoi. Particularly at Tay Ho, you can have your own home and even a private pool with villa rental. Hoa Nhoah Chinh is where many expats from Asian country reside, while West Lake area tends to attract European and Australian expats.

Now that you already have these tips, it would hopefully be easier for you to rent apartment in Saigon.

Getting the Right Size For Her Engagement Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings have always been a symbol of love for couples. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes everlasting union as it exhibits neither a beginning nor an ending point. And the tradition of wearing it on the left hand is said to originate from ancient Egyptian belief that the ring finger has a vein that directly connects to the heart.

With this symbolism and meaning, an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. Since you want your future wife to wear the ring for the rest of her life, it only makes sense that you get the ring in her exact size.

Variation of Ring Sizes

When it comes to wedding ring, size matters—a lot! Standard ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the ring’s inner circumference. However, just like clothing sizes, ring sizes vary from vendor to vendor. A size six in one jeweller may not have the same fit with another jeweller’s size six.

Ring sizing becomes even more complicated when you consider regional variations and deviations of sizing charts. American, German, and Japanese follow unique numerical scale that’s different from one another. The deviations of ring size charts also matters, since all jewellers in the world follow different sizing metrics. The metrics have something to do with the circumference or the diameter of the ring, and it is up to the jeweller what metric system they will use.

See Directly the Jeweller for Sizing

Although you can easily find ring sizing tools and charts online, the best and the easiest method is to skip the DIY and go straight to the jeweller.

Jewellery shops in Singapore use a mandrel—a metal wand with markers for sizing—to accurately determine the size of the ring. The ring is slipped on the wand and wherever it stops tells the size. By directly go to a jeweler such as ling jewellery made to order proposal ring in Singapore you won’t have to worry about the differences of sizing charts and measuring methods.

On the other hand, if you want to get an idea of the ring size before going to a jeweller, consider purchasing a plastic ring sizer or your own mandrel set to use at home. Although getting sized by a professional jeweller is more accurate, purchasing your own sizer can be more convenient.

Ring Sizing Tips

When shopping for an engagement ring, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

• Always Go For a Snug Fit
When shopping for an engagement ring, jewellers’ number one advice is to go for a snug fit. If shopping together, let your girlfriend fit the ring. The one that goes on easy and comes off hard is the best fit. This means that the ring is sized perfectly for her finger, minimizing chances of accidental slip offs.

• Consider the Band’s Width
If the wedding ring you’re eyeing has wider band, expect that it will fit tighter on her. Jewellers in Singapore recommend going up a quarter or half a size for rings with wider bands.

• Ask for a Ring Sizer From Your Jewellery Store

Many jewellery stores in Singapore provide their customers with ring sizer. If you already found a vendor like in Singapore where you will buy your proposal ring, you can request for a printable ring sizer, which they can conveniently email to you.

• Consider the Season
Are you buying the engagement ring during cooler season? If so, consider that our fingers tend to expand a bit during the hotter season. Buy a ring in size that won’t be uncomfortable for her during the hotter months.

• Go for Bigger Size
If all else fails, go for a bigger size. Remember, it’s easier to reduce size than to expand.

Getting Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You don’t have to ruin your surprise proposal by asking your girl directly her ring size. Find someone who may have the scoop on what her ring size is. Her mom, sister, or best friend may know or can work their magic to help you find out her ring size discreetly.

Also, notice the jewellery she’s wearing. Does she wear the same ring over and over again? It might be because it fits her finger perfectly. Wait for her to remove it and secretly take it to the jeweller when you think she won’t wear it (e.g. a day off from work, house cleaning, etc.). But if she only takes it off to shower or work-out, and you have limited access to the jewellery, get a new bar of soap and press the ring into it, just enough to make a clear mark to serve as a mold. The jeweller should be able to tell the size according to the markings on the mold.

If she only takes off the ring for a few minutes, perhaps to slather on some lotion and get dressed in the morning, the quickest way to get her size is to slip the ring on your finger and have a Sharpee ready to mark how far down it goes into your finger.

Planning an engagement can be exciting. However, when you get to the point of buying an engagement ring, it can get quite intimidating as you need to sneak your way to knowing your fiancé’s ring size. Hopefully, with these tips, shopping for a proposal ring would be less stressful for all our soon-to-be-groom friends.

When to Call an Electrician for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Maintenance of the electrical works of any commercial or industrial building is more complicated than the upkeep of residential electrical work. Any responsible building manager also knows that it’s crucial to perform these inspections to ensure the safety of the people.

Here are several electrical problems that most commercial and industrial buildings experience.

1. Dimming or Flickering Lights. If your in-house staff has just recently replaced the light bulbs but the lighting is still poor because of the constant flickering and dimming, then the connection if probably poor. This can be a problem in older building in Singapore that have not been inspected by a licensed electrician for a long time. Adding fixtures without inspecting if the electrical works can meet the needs will create this problem. Call an electrician services in Singapore to have the electrical connections inspected and the faulty fixtures replaced properly.

2. Grounding. This refers to idea of reducing contact with electrical hazards, especially in offices that house a lot of people and equipment. In simpler terms it is the method creating a way for electricity to return to the ground through the service panel in case a short circuit happens. Proper grounding is essential if you want your devices to work properly, because they generate a lot of electrical noise.

3. Loss of or Excess Power. Dips and sags in power are not obvious at first until they damage equipment. This is usually caused by faulty connections and the use of poor or worn-out materials. If your office is within an old building, it might be a good idea to hire a certified electric technician in Singapore to inspect the connections and determine whether it needs to be upgraded or replaced.

4. Overloading. This can be considered a type of safety standard violation in any building. It also puts you at risk of fires if the insulation of the wirings melts and damage the connection. Small sparks eventually lead to electrical fire. Call a good electrician in Singapore whenever your company plans to install new equipment such as computers to determine if you are overloading or not.

5. Electrical Failure. Commercial grade and industrial equipment need more power than residential appliances, that is why it is crucial that you consult a good electrician in Singapore to determine if the circuit can supply enough power to newly-installed machines. Electrical failure can cause fires and accidents, that is why you should not wait for the equipment to malfunction before you call an electrician.

6. Sparks and Hot Switches and Fixtures. The first sign of electrical failure are the hot switches and electrical fixtures. Don’t wait for the plugs or switches to spark before you call electrician services to determine the problem. Sparks not only damage your commercial or industrial equipment but can also cause fire or damage parts of your electrical works.

7. Electrical Surges. Poor wiring, especially in older buildings in Singapore can cause damaged lines and faulty equipment. The people he in building will not often notice power surges because they last only for a few seconds. If overlooked, frequent power surges can damage a lot of equipment and will cost you more money than a scheduled electrical inspection. Call an electrician to inspect the wiring and the devices that are plugged to determine if the electrical works are adequate for your needs.

8. Over-circuited Panel. Call an electrician when an over-circuited panel is causing problems. An over-circuited panel means that there are two breakers in one slot instead of one.

9. High Electric Bills. If there are changes in your electrical bill, the first you need to check are the electronic devices that might be using more power. But if you don’t have new equipment recently installed, then there could be some damage in the wiring or circuits. Call an electrician to root out the problem.

10. Tripping Breakers. If your electrical circuits are overloaded, then you will most likely experience tripping breakers. Short circuits and ground fault can also cause this and may even lead to fire. When this happens, instruct the staff to shut off the electrical source and call a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

11. Incorrect Installation and Use. Commercial and industrial buildings should follow the standards of proper installation and use of electricity. If you need to renovate or expand the office, it is crucial to consult an electrician services firm in Singapore like for professional installation of electrical works. If you need to have new equipment or machine installed, call a licensed electrician to determine if your electrical supply is enough. You cannot just plug in new equipment without knowing if it’s going to be a fire hazard or not. Regular inspection will also prevent most of the problems listed above, as well as ensuring that safety guidelines are followed by the staff. Responsible use of electricity means that you have a basic understanding of how electricity and appliances function.

12. Electric Shocks. This is common in old buildings that have not been inspected for some time. Circuits that have been fitted more than 15 years ago need to be checked by an electrician to avoid accidents whenever a device is plugged in.

13. Few Outlets. Moving into an old commercial building can be a hassle if you have a lot of equipment and there are few outlets. In some offices, the cheapest solution is to buy power strips and extension cords. They work but they are also a fire hazard. If you have a shortage of outlets for your equipment, call a licensed electrician for a proper assessment.

14. Poor Layout. In some old buildings, wires are exposed and are potentially a fire hazard in areas that have heavy traffic of people. Ideally, wires should be hidden behind walls or ceilings and should not trip passers-by. Call an electrician to inspect the wirings and fix minor problems that might cause a fire.

What Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air-Conditioner for Your Home Office

The first thing that comes to mind as soon as the heat turns up is to “chill out” – and like millions of others in Singapore, you’re not alone. More people are now spending on air conditioning units as a way to keep cool than there have been for the past years.

And when it comes to looking for an air conditioning unit for your home or your business, there are factors to consider to ensure you get the most comfort aside from the unit’s price and other features. Here are a few for your consideration:


Noise can be a significant factor when you’re trying to keep cool, whether you’re at home or you’re in your office in your own business. This is because of a number of reasons. For instance, air conditions that have a high noise factor may not be as likely to last longer than other models that have a lower noise factor.

Another reason why you need to look out is that the constant noise coming from your air conditioning unit may make it difficult for you to relax or focus on the task at hand. Units with lower noise models ultimately provide a better experience.

Ease of Filter Access

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is important for keeping your room cool the best way that you can, and this starts with the filter.
The filter is the part of your aircon unit separates any dust motes and other particles from going through the machine’s fan, but too much dust and cobwebs trapped in the filter can also lower the overall quality of the aircon unit.

Having a filter that’s easy to access and clean out will make your time doing your own aircon maintenance much easier, as well as keep the air dust-free for longer (which is good for people in the room who have allergies).

Cooling Capacity

When getting an aircon unit, make sure it has an output of at least 20 Btu (British thermal unit) for each square foot of living space.
You can measure this by multiplying the room’s length by its width, multiply the number by twenty, and then compare and contrast the result with the Btu output of various units/models until you come across the one you need.

However, keep in mind that this isn’t the only criteria you can use. As much as possible, consider adding allowances in space when choosing a unit/model, such as your ceiling’s height and the size of your doorways and windows.


The area where the unit will be installed also needs to be considered. For instance, heavily shaded rooms tend to be cooler than sunnier rooms, and that the more people using the room, the higher the output the unit needs to give.

Aircon units are both intricate and heavy, which makes proper installation crucial in making sure they work well when installed. While most units are meant to be installed in rooms with double-hung windows, certain units are best installed directly through the wall.

This is when you might want to consider calling the best aircon master in Singapore to make sure your unit is installed correctly in a location that is not only level (for the unit to drain correctly), but also far enough from appliances that generate heat.


Brand-new aircon units often have a warranty of one year by themselves, but you can also choose to extend it for a longer period of time. Be sure to discuss your aircon servicing warranty with your manufacturer before making your purchase.

What Aircon Servicing Can Do For You

Air conditioners are essential products in our daily lives, and are the perfect equipment to make your surroundings (whether you’re at work or at home) comfortable. And because they are often invaluable aspects of a home or workplace, investing in a maintenance service is now more important than ever.

Aircon servicing can do a lot for your home or business in Singapore. Here are a few things that they can do keep your home or office comfortable:

• Better Energy Output – A clogged air filter can lead to increased power consumption, which leads to low performance for the unit. Dust, cobwebs, and other particles can also decrease the performance of other parts of the unit that may be harder to reach, such as your unit’s condenser coil.

Regular aircon servicing improves your aircon unit’s efficiency through maintenance over time. They reduce energy consumption and keep your room or office cooler for longer.

• Lower Repair Costs – Regular maintenance costs are much more manageable in the long run when compared to emergency repairs. Maintenance is also much less intrusive, and lets you pay more attention to your air conditioning unit.

• Longer Shelf Life – With regular servicing, your aircon unit can keep performing well even long after the warranty has expired. This keeps you from having to buy and install newer units, and saves you a lot more of your budget.

Maintenance is much better than repair, and with regular maintenance, your appliances will last longer, and you also save more money that would otherwise go to buying newer units.

Our aircon servicing assures that not only do your aircon units perform well, but also that you are comfortable at home and at work for as long as possible.

4 Powerful Secrets to Keep Your Marriage Strong, Alive, and Successful

Keeping the romance alive even after the bills start pouring in and the children start coming in can be quite difficult, and the daily travails of working adult life as a married couple can add in new stresses you have never experienced before as a couple.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. After about six months to a year, the feeling of being “in love” starts to fade, and tackling everyday problems with your partner for the rest of your life will eventually wear you out at some point in time.

Fortunately, even relationships can be invigorated without having to end up in relationship counselling in Singapore as a last-ditch attempt to save them. Here are a few ways you can bring the romance back into your marriage and keep you going strong as a couple:

1. Keep communication open, honest, and respectful

Take the initiative of setting aside time to talk about any issues at a best psychologist from Singapore that your marriage has come across. Be sure to foster an environment that allows you to safely discussing your expectations, anxieties, and insecurities, though not necessarily in that order.

It’s also really important you find a proper place and time to do this, preferably at a time and place where no one can distract your conversation and you won’t be distracted by anything else.

Remember to be sensitive to your spouse when you do decide to open up about what’s in your mind. Keep showing your love, affection, and respect to your partner as you share your thoughts. Stay calm – perhaps the most important thing you need to do is to listen to him/her.

2. Don’t be afraid to add a little spice in the relationship

One of the biggest reasons why married life can get boring quickly is because of how monotonous it can get over time. This is why it’s important to add some variety and spontaneity to the relationship, and it can range from something as simple as tickets to a movie or a play to planning an entire evening or weekend to surprise your spouse with.

There are so many ways that you can do this. For instance, you can start with small things such as arguing over splitting the chores at home. Instead of having a tiff over who has to cook and who has to do the dishes, do both of them together instead.

This doesn’t just end in giving your partner gifts – switching up your intimacy and closeness by changing your patterns of flattering your partner in subtle ways can do wonders in improving your physical relationship.

At the end of the day, what you really need is to keep this in mind: complacency will kill the relationship.

3. Ditch the distractions and focus on your spouse

Put the phone away and get your eyes away from the screen – it’s important that you spend time to enjoy the company of your partner. Whether it’s enjoying a romantic dinner or even a simple one at home after a long day’s work, having this quality time between the two of you is sure to bring back that lost spark in your marriage.

This will take a lot of effort at first. Because of the nature of your work, as well as many other factors in your lives, you may find that bringing back the spark by engaging in conversation or spending quality time can be difficult. But once you get past the awkwardness, the spark will be sure to come back.

Remember how you managed to connect in the early stages of your relationship. This is in many ways similar to muscle memory – while you may think that it’s no longer what it used to be, it’s never completely gone.

4. Evaluate your relationship

Every marriage, no matter how successful or on the rocks, always needs an assessment that you can get at in Singapore to check where you are at in your relationship. Every once in a while, don’t forget to hit the pause button and being able to take a careful look at how your marriage is holding up with your spouse in a caring and thoughtful way.

Whether you’re asking or answering the questions, be honest with your partner on how you feel about certain things in your marriage without exaggerating or shifting into personally attacks. As much as possible, try not to use words such as “always” or “never” in your conversation, as this may only end up frustrating your spouse.

It also helps that you schedule regular appointments with a psychologist in Singapore for relationship counselling in Singapore. With the right counselling in by a licensed psychologist in Singapore, you will not only be able to foster a safe space to voice your thoughts to each other, but even come out as a better couple.

How Relationship Counselling Singapore Can Help You

There are many benefits that can be gained by seeking relationship counselling in Singapore. Perhaps the biggest benefit that relationship counselling can give is that a psychologist is able to help you create a safe environment where you and your partner can bring up, discuss, and grievances without the fear of judgement or reprisal.

As long as both parties are willing to participate and engage with an open mind, there will always be results. Once the couple puts in the effort in the therapy sessions all the way through, they can even emerge from the office of the psychologist in Singapore with a renewed vigor in their relationship.

Consulting a recommended psychologist should not be seen as a last-resort option. Booking an appointment for relationship counselling at a Singapore psychologist should be something done on a regular basis (e.g. at least once a year) in order to assess the quality of the relationship and to make sure that it stays for a long time.

How to Improve Your CRM Strategy with Social Media

The customers are the most critical aspect of a business, so why would you take customer experience for granted? Most organizations and businesses in Singapore would insist that they care really deeply about their customers. However, in the social media environment, customer relationship management is oftentimes not a priority for many of these organizations.

Setting aside or completely discounting social media as part of your CRM system can negatively impact your brand. An exceptional experience is what makes customers refer you to others and most importantly become loyal to you. Anything negative in their experiences will certainly reflect on your sales reports and may even affect your credibility in the industry.

CRM tools for social media allow you to keep track and engage with consumers across different platforms to come up with ideas that generate better experiences for your patrons. While you already have CRM software for other areas of your CRM system, you just cannot afford to overlook the social media aspect.

Here, we’ll show you four ways how social media can improve your CRM.

1. Breaking up silo mentality

Since we’re talking about improving your brand’s customer relationship management through social media, you would need to break up silo mentality in order to become effective social media handlers. Instead of the marketing team holding all the information of the company’s strategies, you will be encouraged to work hand-in-hand with the sales, customer support and social media teams, so everybody in the organization is on the same page.

In many offices, different departments and teams tend to keep information from one another, perhaps because of internal competition. This unhealthy competition can impact your operations in a negative way, especially if you are seeking on improving your brand’s social media presence.

If you want to work for a better customer experience through social media, every department will have to learn to work together as one team to be able to address any customer concerns. For many Singapore organizations, it significantly helps to use a cloud CRM, like what Crystal Dash CRM from Singapore offers as one of its business CRM services. With this function, everything can be centralized and everyone can work in a single platform, allowing every team to access any information they need anytime. Cloud CRM stores not only customer profiles, but also previous conversations issues and transactions you had with a certain customer.

2. Discover Prospects Through Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtag and keyword analysis is one of the best ways for companies to discover mentions, conversation and users. Oftentimes, this online feature helps businesses uncover opportunities they would have never discovered through traditional marketing strategies.

Hashtags, specifically, allow you to categorize contents and make it much easier to identify prospects. But what if people misspelled your brand name or typed it without @mention or hashtag?

These sales opportunities tend to get forgotten and have smaller chances of getting a response from your company. Analyzing hashtags and keywords will allow you to locate these prospects—prospects who are off the traditional sales category.

You can still find these off-the-track customers by doing these tricks:

• Tracking possible incorrect spellings of your company name
Look for the common incorrect spellings of your company name to locate users who are trying to get your attention. Especially if you have a unique brand name, search for all possible misspellings of your name on social media.

• Tracking industry keywords
What are the common terms your audiences use to search for your industry on social media? Analyzing industry keywords help discover new keywords where you can find potential customers.

• Tracking competitors’ keywords
Also, analyze your competitors’ keywords and see what’s driving their customers’ engagement to better your social media strategy. This is also a great way to track customers who are trying to interact with your competitors.

3. Track Customers Journey

Regardless of the type of company you have or the industry you’re in, your customers’ journey should always be tracked. Just like preserving a long-term relationship, your CRM software should invest for the future. That means being able to track customer conversations, the things they ‘like’ in different social media platforms and other engagement they make online.

It‘s not just about attracting potential customers through social media, but more importantly strengthening existing relationships, constantly providing value to your patrons and being always on top of their minds whenever they need something in your industry.

A CRM software that can handle automated sales management and save detailed conversation threads is a great tool to have. Being able to view previous conversation with a user allows you to communicate effectively according to the data shown in your previous conversations.

It essentially helps your support and social teams to be reminded where the customer is in the journey and any issue he or she may have with your company before. Having this information gives your team a valuable data about how the customer sees your company and how to approach the customer for engagement.

4. Respond to Complaints Right Away

Social media platforms allow companies to communicate with consumers in real time. That does not mean only engaging with people who praises your company. Since you do not want to lose your loyal customers, you have to respond to negative comments as well.

We all know consumers like to express their complaints on social media. In fact because of this common action among users, social media has made today’s companies more accountable for their actions.

The simplest way to preserve high sales reports and retain loyal consumers is to increase response time to complaints. Consumers hate waiting for a reply, especially on their complaints. They know that their message is going to be read by someone, so there’s no point of leaving them unanswered.

By integrating a powerful CRM software that does more than just sales management tasks, you can boost customer satisfaction. Your customers are your business’ most valuable asset, so make sure to work hard to provide excellent customer experience by building an effective CRM system.

Bad Habits that Will Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease (And How to Change Them)

One of the most common causes of heart diseases among patients here in Vietnam is atherosclerosis, which is the clogging of the arteries by the rupturing of plaque, resulting in clotting and severe restriction of blood flow.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to heart disease, many of which are preventable and can be improved. Here are a few that can be changed in order to minimize the risk of heart disease without having to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for heart screening:

1. Lack of Proper Stress Management

Stress is an essential mechanism that allows us to cope with pressure in certain situations. When a person is stressed, cortisol is formed in the brain as a “fight-or-flight” response hormone, which increases blood sugar while breaking down fats and carbohydrates.

However, being angry or being exposed to stress for extended periods of time can actually be harmful to your body. Not only can unrelieved stress inflict damage to your arteries, but it can also complicate or cause other factors to contribute to potential heart disease.

The build-up of cortisol in the bloodstream also has other effects, such as decreased mental function, Stress management that doesn’t rely on smoking or drinking will do your body wonders in the long run.

2. Not Eating Breakfast/Having a Poor Diet

Believe it or not, having a healthy heart isn’t just about what you eat (i.e. fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), but also about when you eat.

According to health specialists from chuyen gia y khoa Vietnam and other health studies conducted by professional healthcare providers, people who eat breakfast tend to be at lower risk of heart disease compared to non-eaters, and are at lower risk of having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Your diet can also increase your risk of developing heart disease, especially if it consists of an unhealthy amount of salts, fats, and oils. To minimize this risk, switch instead to a diet rich in fibers, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid or minimize your daily intake of red meat.

3. Drinking

While alcohol itself has no direct effect on the heart, it is essentially made up of empty calories and causes high blood pressure to rebound the day after. Not only does this make your heart susceptible to abnormal rhythm, but this also increases the heart’s susceptibility to muscle weakness and, if not treated early enough, even muscle damage.

Despite this, the occasional glass of red wine can still do you wonders, provided that you drink in moderation.

4. Smoking

The effects of smoking are primarily attributed to your lungs. However, they could also affect your heart via the blood vessels that channel blood through your respiratory system as well as your entire body. Second-hand smoke is also considered to be more toxic than first-hand smoke.

Both smoking and drinking are highly addictive and take a lot of discipline and willpower to change. It isn’t surprising that a lot of former smokers or drinkers trying to quit relapse at least once or find a lot of difficulty in trying to quit for good.

To get you started on quitting, a quick visit to a heart specialist or heart doctor will tell you the dangers of excessive smoking and drinking with one or two X-rays or a brief story about a patient that they had previously encountered.

5. Sleeping Late/Not Getting Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep could also result in high cortisol levels in a person’s system similar to prolonged stress. Not only does this result in a reduced motor function or feelings of anxiety or depression in the short term, but can also place a strain on the heart in the long term.

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours. The best way for you to know how much sleep you need is by simply writing down the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up.

6. Not Getting Enough Exercise

Lack of physical activity could also increase your chances of developing a heart disease, as the high cholesterol and deposits of body fat can build up and potentially clog major arteries and blood vessels.

The build-up of fat in your arteries is otherwise known as “plaque”, and is one of the most common causes of atherosclerosis.

Intense physical activity, such as exercise, can not only process the deposits of body fat and cholesterol in your bloodstream, but also increase your cardiovascular endurance and minimize this risk in the future.

On Regular Heart Screening

While you may not be diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease until you suffer from a heart attack, it’s important that you see a cardiologist from and start the habit of getting your heart health checked on a regular basis.

There are many different procedures which a cardiologist to monitor vital signs or any anomalies in your cardiovascular system, such as irregular rhythms, or even high or low blood pressure. Chuyen Gia Y Khoa also has many competent specialists, so finding the best cardiologist or cardiology center should not be a problem.

Moreover, heart screening is readily available in a cardiology center, either in a government hospital or at a private clinic, where a heart specialist or heart doctor will check for any signs and anomalies, and prescribe you the necessary medications as well as lifestyle changes in order to minimize your risks.

Property Management: Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Whether you want an additional lighting in each of your condominium unit or repair a faulty electrical line in the lobby of your building, do-it-yourself electrical rewiring can be really intimidating, and dangerous if not done correctly. A small mistake can jeopardize the safety of your tenants, as well as your business operations.

Often, the best solution for this is to contract with a licensed electrical contractor. You can ask your colleagues or your property management company for recommendations of reliable electrical contractors here in Singapore.

Compare Project Bids

Before hiring a contractor, you and your property management from Singapore need to evaluate first the cost of the project. Consider getting bids for the overall project cost and an evaluation of how the work will be performed. Your condo manager is very much knowledgeable about this.

You and your managing agent should find out if everything needed for the project, such as the electrical materials and service fees, are included in the quote or whether additional charges are required. Also, consider that prices of materials may increase due to the time difference between the time the estimation was made and the time the operation is started. When comparing bids between two or more electrical contractors, make sure that each contractor gives a close estimation and not something like “around a hundred bucks.”

Find Out Timeframe of Work

After evaluation, the contractor will now have a clearer idea of how much work is needed for the project. You and your managing agent can then ask him for a projected date of accomplishment, which may be in as little as a week or a month-long contract. The electrical project may interrupt your business operations so knowing when the project will be completed is extremely beneficial.

Ask for Complete Price List

Ask your contractor for a detailed price sheet that contains the breakdown of material and labor costs. This is highly recommended by property management companies as it allows property owners to evaluate whether the contractor is charging their clients with overly marked up material prices. But keep in mind that some contractors mark up on some materials to cover the expenses for delivering items to the site. Make sure that every single item is checked and the prices are agreed on before starting the work.

Clarify Any Questions

Avoid the most common mistake that many Singapore business owners commit when hiring professional services. Bring up all questions you have in mind that may be bothering you about the electrical project. The electrician will likely know the answers to all your electrical questions and can give you peace of mind. Also, remember that your contractor is a professional who has troubleshoot the exact same problem and has done estate maintenance countless of times.

Put Things in Writing

For this type of agreement, never count on a handshake or verbal agreement. Make sure that everything agreed upon are stipulated in the contract. When you’re about to close the deal, have your managing agent take a look at the contract since they are, expectedly, more knowledgeable than you. The contract should include a list of materials to be purchased by the contractor, description of work, number of workers, labor costs, payment terms, guarantees, and start and completion date. Read and understand everything written and never forget to read the fine prints.

Every condo manager would suggest working only with certified property management company in Singapore like to ensure legitimate transactions and professional services.

Always keep in mind that the key to a safe and successful electrical works and estate maintenance is to look for an experienced and certified electrical contractor. Though their services cost much more than those with no certifications and licenses, the safety of your building, business, and tenants is hundred percent guaranteed.

Why You Need a Professional Florist for Your Wedding

While most wedding florists are recommended to couples in Singapore, most do not have an idea what goes on behind the scenes when preparing the floral decor or the bridal bouquet, because the task simply fall on the wedding florist. If you want to have the best wedding florist to do your wedding flowers, you need to understand what happens during the preparation and why it’s important to hire a professional to do it for you.

A Professional Wedding Florist has Experience

A professional wedding florist knows what needs to be done even if you do not give instructions. He/she will walk you through the preparation process and update you about any changes. You could share your ideas about what you want to do with your wedding flowers, but there is no need for you to monitor the preparation closely, so that you will have more time to focus on other aspects of the wedding. You might be spending more money on a professional wedding florist than if you ask friends and relatives to prepare the floral decor, but there is a guarantee that the florist knows what he/she is doing, produces quality work and service, and will show up on time for your wedding.

The Wedding Florist is Committed to Quality

Once you sign a contract with a wedding florist in Singapore, you do not have to feel stressed about getting the flowers on time before the wedding. After all, they are obligated to give you quality products and services. Their experience in providing floral decor for weddings is also invaluable, because you do not need to worry about how to go about the preparations yourself. You are assured that the flowers and the flower arrangement are professionally done and will be delivered on time as opposed to handling all the preparations yourself on top of handling other details for your wedding.

Hiring Friends and Relatives is a No-No

You might be thinking that it would be much easier to hire friends and relatives who have some experience with wedding flowers than hiring a wedding florist. But this is a huge mistake because you might not get the quality you’re expecting. Working for free or paying them more than a professional wedding florist will charge might also strain your relationship and cause you stress. They are not obligated by any contract to give you the best results, although your friends will do their best. It’s not that your friends and family are unwilling to help, they can still assist you with the preparations, but you should not take chances if you want quality bridal bouquet, floral decor, and services.

DIY Wedding Flowers Can be Risky and Stressful

While there are a lot of guides on how to create beautiful wedding flowers, it’s better not to take chances, especially if you’re expecting a lot of guests in a large wedding reception venue. You should not cause yourself unnecessary stress days before your wedding. If you are worried about the customization and personalization of the bridal bouquet and wedding flowers, you should hire a wedding florist at Singapore who is willing to accommodate your ideas. There are wedding packages that will allow the couples to select the flower, colors, accessories, arrangement, style, and number of flowers.

It Allows for a Collaboration of Ideas

A professional wedding florist can help you realize your dream wedding. They are trained and experienced in giving the best flowers and quality service that newlyweds deserve on their most special day. Do not be afraid to share your ideas, because the wedding florist will be more than happy to help you with the preparation. He/she can also give suggestions and other ideas you might have missed and will be able to walk you through the entire process of preparing and cleaning up the decorations. There is no need for you to look for the flowers yourself and negotiate with other vendors because that’s part of the wedding florist’s job.

Hiring a Florist Will Give You Time for Other Things

You should not try to create your bridal bouquet yourself. A professional can do a better job and will take the pressure off you on your wedding day. You will be too busy overseeing the other preparations to attend to small details even if you prepare months ahead of the wedding. The wedding florist can give your ideas about how to achieve the kind of look and feel you want for your wedding venue, and will give suggestions about which flowers, the style of arrangement, and how many flowers a venue needs. Some couples who are too busy to think of new ideas will try to replicate wedding decorations they have seen before, but the wedding florist can help you use that inspiration to create your own ideas within your budget.

You Have Access to More Flowers and Styles

Just because you did your research about how to create a bridal bouquet or to come up with designs for floral decor, that does not mean that you will not need the knowledge and experience of a professional. You cannot be the head stylist for your wedding party, because you will be too busy for other preparations. You will also have no access to the best vendors and suppliers in Singapore, unlike a wedding florist who knows where to find the best flowers and accessories. With the help of a professional, you will have the access to best products and the most experienced florists in the country.

Follow-Ups and the Cleanup are Easy

A professional will not hesitate to assist you during the preparations. However, most couples tend to forget what happens after the event, especially during the cleanup of the decorations. Your wedding florist in Singapore should be able to provide quality service from preparation to cleanup as part of your contract. They should also give you the option of preserving your bridal bouquet and other floral decor.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Why Vũng Tàu, Vietnam is the Place to Be

Vietnam is no longer one of the hidden gems in the Southeast Asia region due to its growing in popularity among travelers and tourists. Vietnam is not just historically and culturally-rich, but it’s also endowed with hundreds of beautiful destinations from its national parks to pristine beaches to imposing pre-colonial temples. You’d have a hard time picking a few destinations when you travel to Vietnam because there’s so much to see.

Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

If you decide to explore other cities outside Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most recommended destinations is Vũng Tàu, the place-to-be even for the locals during weekends. Vũng Tàu is part of both a commercial and industrial province in the country and is located in a peninsula separated from the mainland by the Co May river.

• History. Like most of Vietnam, Vũng Tàu is rich in history and was originally called Tam Thang, but was later renamed to Vũng Tàu during the Saigon administration. In pre-colonial times, it was a part of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Bien Hoa province. It was also an important trading post in the 14th and 15th centuries and was pivotal in the outcome of the French-Vietnamese war in 1859. Primarily a fishing town, Vũng Tàu was considered a tourist spot even by the soldiers during the Vietnam War.

• Commerce. Even if its role in trading has diminished over the years, it’s still an important stop in the country’s petroleum industry, with a large number of foreign workers living in the city and supporting the gas and crude oil industries.

• Destinations. There are so many things to do and so many sights to see at Vũng Tàu. One of which is the popular kahuna from Vietnam, which is a sought-after tourist spot in Vietnam that features luxurious villas and breathtaking view of the Vũng Tàu seaside. Other sights you might want to visit in Vũng Tàu are the Vũng Tàu Market, Bach Dinh, Martyr’s Memorial, Trung Vuong Square, Thắng Tam Local Gods Communal House, Thắng Tam Temple, Vũng Tàu Lighthouse, Jesus Statue on Small Mountain, the pagodas of Thích Ca Phật Đài and Niết Bàn Tịnh Xá, The Cloud Lake Park, and several beaches near Big Mount and Small Mount.

• Tourism. Accommodations in Vũng Tàu rival that of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and condos in Ho Chi Minh City. Take your pick from its world-class resorts, cafes, hotels, Vung Tau condo, private villas, pubs, and grills. There are various activities available for everyone as well, such as, biking, climbing, golf, swimming, and hiking.

Kahuna Ho Tram

There are more places to see in Vũng Tàu, although most of these places are still being developed, including the breathtaking Kahuna in ho tram strip. This city in Vietnam is said to be the next tourist hotspot in the coming years with the development of multi-million resorts and condotels around the place. The Kahuna Ho Tram Resort specifically is one of the newest additions in the growing Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, which includes several property investment buildings like the beach villa for sale, villa beside golf course destinations, and holiday resort investment. The project began in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

• Ho Tram Strip. One of Vũng Tàu’s best destinations is the Ho Tram Strip, which has attracted local and foreign investments for development since 2013. It includes one of the country’s earliest integrated resorts and is internationally-known for its excellent service, accommodations, and entertainment hubs. It’s like the Vegas of Vietnam and is also has one of Asia’s best golf courses. Now, there is a chance to invest in condo within the vicinity through various property investment opportunities.

• Features. The Kahuna Ho Tram features world-class amenities and destinations that will help Vũng Tàu’s growing popularity as a rest and relaxation destination for both locals and foreign tourists. The Kahuna Ho Tram project includes your very own Vung Tau condo, access to various beach resorts, beach club, villa beside golf course, and other entertainment and shopping facilities.

The holiday resort investment in Kahuna Ho Tram is still open for those who are interested in premium units with the best amenities in the area. Check out if you’re looking into investing on a property overlooking the pristine beaches in Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, whether it’s a condotel, your own beach front villa, or a garden villa. These beach villa for sale are guaranteed of their award-winning standards in quality that has made Kahuna Ho Tram a world-renowned destination.

Pros and Cons of Using VoIP for Business

With the demands of a growing business and the sophisticated technology used in today’s business, it’s essential for any enterprise in Singapore to upgrade its existing PBX phone system to keep up with its competitors. Opting for a hosted VoIP system both has advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind. There are also various types of VoIP solutions that must be considered based on the number of users and the type of services you need.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of using VoIP for business.

Using VoIP is Cheap

Regardless of the type of VoIP solution you want to use, if it’s a hosted VoIP system, such as cloud VoIP or an on-site VoIP (an IP PBX telephone system for example), the initial cost and the monthly fees are affordable for any type of business. If your office already has traditional telephony, you need not worry about replacing the hardware, because the existing PBX phone system can be upgraded using minimal setup and phone adapters. Small businesses that cannot invest in a PBX phone system can partner with voip in Singapore for a cloud VoIP, because there is very minimal payment—or even none at all—for the setup, maintenance, and upgrade of the hardware and software.

VoIP Needs Reliable Internet Connection

One disadvantage of a hosted VoIP system is that the company will be relying on the quality of service of the VoIP provider. This means that if there are delays, disruptions, and technical problems on the side of the provider, the companies that rely on their VoIP service will also suffer. In a hosted PBX system, the company has no control over the reliability of the connection and even the security of the data. If the Internet connection goes down for example, a cloud VoIP setup can disrupt office operations and will leave the personnel without any phone service.

To offset this problem, even if it is rare, the VoIP provider will advise its clients to keep some of the traditional phone lines open in case the VoIP service is interrupted.

VoIP is a Flexible System

As already mentioned, traditional phone systems such as the PBX phone system can be upgraded to an IP PBX telephone system. There is no need to stop using the traditional telephone lines when switching to VoIP. The company also has an option to add telephones based on the bandwidth of their Internet connection, which means that you need to upgrade once it reaches its maximum capacity. For example, if the business is planning to expand or add more personnel, you need to call your VoIP service provider to upgrade the system and add more telephone lines, so everyone can be connected.

Voice Quality May Vary

Not only will a hosted VOIP system or a hosted PBX be dependent on the VoIP service provider in Singapore, but the quality of the VoIP calls will also be dependent on the Internet connection. This means that the connections should have enough bandwidth to get the same voice quality as when the traffic is low.

Make sure to discuss this with your provider if the office has a high volume of calls daily. Some aspects of the operation that is beyond the control of your VoIP provider (for example, you have different Internet service provider) can also affect the quality or the performance of the VoIP system. That is why you should also subscribe to a reliable Internet provider in Singapore to avoid these problems.

VoIP is User-Friendly

Even if your company does not have its own information technology department, there is no need to hire more personnel if you set up a cloud VoIP. The VoIP service provider will provide the expertise set up and maintain a hosted VoIP system. But what if you are new to the technology? Don’t worry because there is no need to train your employees to use the VoIP system.

This works pretty much like traditional telephony, but it has extra features that will make office operations a lot easier. VoIP includes not just making voice calls, but your employees can also do the following: send e-mails, video conferencing, record-keeping, auto-attendant, call routing, voicemail to e-mail transcription, call screening, manage extensions, custom hold music, three-way or N-way calling, virtual extension, international virtual numbers, and many more.

VoIP Can Affect Latency

Latency refers to the duration of the delay before data transfer starts right after inputting the instructions. In VoIP service, this refers to the jitter, which is quite common in packet switched and connectionless networks. The problem is rooted in the division of the voice packets and the delivery of the packets which might be sent through different paths before they reach the receiver. The result is a poor-quality voice call if there are delays and congestion in the VoIP system. To ensure that this problem doesn’t affect the quality of voice calls, the acceptable latency for VoIP should be maintained at 150 ms or less. If you are not sure what this means, the best you can do is to contact crystal voice in Singapore for detailed information about this matter.

VoIP is Portable

As long as the employees are connected to the Internet and they have a VoIP phone, transactions and exchange of information can be made anywhere outside the office. But that’s not all, because some VoIP service providers also provide a Web interface with the same VoIP services available even without access to a VoIP phone. As long as the employees have access to the Internet anywhere in the world, they can still make cheap calls. This is an advantage for companies in Singapore that have employees who travel frequently.

The Importance of Branding Your Coffee Cart Catering Service

Now that you have your coffee and your start-up appliances and gadgets to start your very own mobile coffee catering service, you need to think about how you want your customers to see you – this is where the branding aspect of business comes in.

Branding is big, and is even a big business in and of itself. Many successful companies and businesses have strong ones, and the biggest and most successful have ones that you look at every day.

You see these brands all the time, and unless you live in a rural area, it can be hard to not encounter a single brand. You wear brands, you eat brands, and you use brands – you might even recommend them to your friends over a latte fresh from your mobile coffee cart.

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs starting out on their own business focus on the income aspect so much that they forget about their brand. But why is this important for your humble coffee push cart? Here are three reasons to convince you to put some thought on it:

1. The brand is more than the logo

In short, it’s not so much the brand itself as the recognition that the brand generates.

When you look at the green minimalist logo of a two-tailed mermaid, what is it that comes to mind? Starbucks. When you look at it, you instantly think things such as mocha, latte, or even cappuccino. The same could go vice-versa, and for other products and brands as well.

Believe it or not, your brand is how people see you and know who you are, as well as your ethics and values. This is how they know exactly what your business DNA looks like, and how you want to continue your coffee catering business in the future.

When customers think of a certain product, they will associate that product with your brand and be more inclined to purchase from you in the future. So how do you want people to see your mobile coffee cart?

2. Branding boosts morale (or at least, it’s supposed to)

Mobile coffee is great, but do you know what could make it even greater? Mobile coffee that’s so good people recognize you just by looking at your logo.

When starting a mobile coffee catering service, it’s important to see the brand as a person. A common problem among marketing and leadership teams is not being unified in how they believe a brand should communicate.

Brands are more than just fonts and logos, and you shouldn’t just think of them that way. Think of them as people – they’re born, they speak for you, they age, and they can even die. We love some brands and hate others, and these help us make choices.

How does your brand speak? If you haven’t one yet, how do you want it to? How do you want it to stand and act? Having a personality about the coffee cart from Singapore brand can help you figure out how you want it to behave, and this lies in how you want to resonate with your audience and how you want your audience to receive your message.

The process of figuring this out may take some time. It would even need a bit of research into how your target demographic responds to the latest trends in products and services similar to yours. But when done right, a solid personality will give you something your audience can latch on to.

3. Strong brands generate referrals

And lots of them. Once you’re able to reach a sizeable base of loyal patrons, you’ll be able to clearly see the effects of having a brand associated with your mobile coffee cart. These effects come two-fold, and you’ll see them taking place during as you make your daily rounds with your coffee cart.

You can bet that people will talk about the brands that they love, and if they like what you offer, they will refer you to friends and family. With this, you’ve essentially doubled or even tripled your number of patrons with little effort, and now you have to get another coffee cart to serve more customers.

Depending on your popularity, you might even have to get not a cart, but a trailer and more cappuccino makers. If you’re still not convinced, a strong brand might even be a reason for other business to work with you in order to sell their products to more customers – a win-win for everyone!

Now that you’re convinced that you should give your brand a thought or two, here are some tips you can use to help you realize it and how you want it to speak for you:

• List an inventory of your skills. What are you especially good at? And since you’re selling coffee, what makes it different from that sold by other brands, such as Starbucks, or even McDonald’s? The things that make you unique will be the basis of your brand.

• Find out what your customers need. Every brand will set out to differentiate itself based on a particular need that they see from the customers. If you see that customers are looking for a home-brew alternative to commercial coffee, for example, then position your brand in such a way that it reflects this need.

• Keep your focus on what makes you unique. This may require a lot of thinking and creativity, as well as a good amount of effort and legwork to pull off. The trick is to look for that particular balance in both specificity and uniqueness with the ability to expand and diversify to allow for further growth for your business.

What You Should Know About International Freight and Logistics

It’s no surprise that trade among different nations makes the world better off. International trade allows markets to expand their goods and services to a larger client base so that they are more available, making them cost cheaply. They also make certain products available when they otherwise aren’t.

Since the first days that air freight and sea freight traffic have expanded worldwide, the exchange of imports and exports worldwide has led to the booming of cargo transportation services and freight forwarding, where logistics services are offered in order to coordinate with one shipping company or more to ensure the on-time delivery of goods.

For freight forwarding services like freight master from Singapore and businesses in Singapore looking for a reliable one to ensure that their products are shipped on time, it’s especially important to stay up-to-date on the state of both international and regional trade. However, what’s lesser known is the state of the freight market.

What is the freight market? What is the difference between local freight and international freight? Here’s everything you need to know to get you started.


When firms or individuals buy certain goods that are produced abroad, there are two kinds of entities that are responsible for the movement of these goods. These entities are the shipping company and the freight forwarding agency.

The shipping company, on the one hand, is the entity responsible for the actual transportation of the goods, as they have the capacity to operate carrier transports (i.e. rail, air freight, or sea freight) that can hold the goods as they move from one part of the globe to another.

The freight forwarding agency, on the other hand, is the one that’s responsible for coordinating the shipments. They liaise closely with clients to advise them on the costs as well as the necessary arrangements, and then work these arrangements with the shipping companies and the different customs authorities to provide the necessary documents for clearance, arrange the payments, and ensure that the shipment is delivered on time and in peak condition.

Who are the Freight Forwarders?

Freight forwarding agencies go by many names, such as “non-vessel owning common carrier” (NVOCC), multimodal transport operator, global logistics company, supply chain manager, and even information broker. However, you should know that these are essentially the same, with their names simply the result of more recent marketing efforts.

Freight forwarders like in Singapore are generally classified into three groups:

• Local companies – These are single-office enterprises that deal with the local customer base in Singapore and specialize in local freight operations and logistics services. They typically operate at a seaport or airport area where they can best specialize on different types of traffic.
• National companies – Many freight forwarding services have offices in different ports and airports as well as in large industrial cities, and often have their own handling depots or warehouses where they can operate their own services, such as consolidating customers’ shipments.
• International companies – An international logistics company would be easy to identify as international companies have their own offices overseas, which gives them more coverage as well as a wider range of services to offer.

Size should not be the criteria to look at when considering a forwarding agency, as different criterion that come into mind when choosing a service tend to overlap. You should also keep in mind that the industry is made up of different firms that have their own specializations.

Over the years, freight forwarding companies have become more sophisticated in order to better cater to present and future client bases. They have also become more available at all levels of the supply chain, in turn becoming a crucial service to companies both big and small.

What Services do they Offer?

As mentioned before, forwarding agencies are basically in charge of coordinating the movement of goods to ensure that they arrive on time and in peak condition. Forwarders are usually appointed either by importers or exporters to pick up the goods at a specific address and generally act on their behalf.

Freight and Transportation

The two biggest means of transporting goods are air freight and sea freight, right next to transportation by means of land (via trucks) and rail (train). Because forwarders are the link between the seller and buyer, they will book space on either mode/s of transport after advising the customer on the best route available.

Their key function is to arrange for space on the transport and to take careful documentation not just on the nature and quantity of the shipment, but also on the transport’s route and destination. Once the goods arrive, the forwarders then forward the goods, collect them, and coordinate the delivery to the buyer.

Air vs. Sea

The main difference between air freight and sea freight is simply that the latter is meant for heavier shipments, while the former is for lighter ones. This explains why there are more terms that you should know relating to transporting goods by sea rather than by air.

While ships are good for transporting heavier goods, they do have their drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that they take longer to reach their destination. They are also more likely, in some instances, to be handled poorly unless registered under high priority.

Transporting by airplane, on the other hand, limits the quantity of goods that you can move in one shipment, and having all your goods moved by plane may require multiple flights.

Commercial Plumbing Problems that Need a Professional Plumber

Maintenance of a commercial building’s plumbing can be stressful especially if it’s plagued with a lot of problems. Knowing when to call a professional can be crucial to maintaining the daily operations of the business or office. Watch out for these common commercial plumbing problems that will need the attention of a reliable plumber in Singapore to prevent interruptions in the building.

Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaks are easy to ignore in most commercial buildings, but failure to address even this most common plumbing works problem can result in major repairs and renovations later. All the unused water will also add up to your monthly water bill and can even cause damage in other parts of the plumbing. Hire a reliable plumber in Singapore to fix this issue by replacing the washer. It’s also a good idea to schedule an inspection and maintenance with a plumbing services company to detect any leaks that might not be visible right away.

Clogged Drains

If there are slow or clogged drains in the office, this could cause accumulation of waste water and debris, resulting in bad odor and dirty restrooms and sinks. Clogged drains can be solved easily by a licensed plumber in Singapore like who will make sure that there are no waste material or debris trapped in the pipes of the sinks or toilets that are possibly blocking the flow of water.

Clogs could potentially damage the structure if not addressed right away, that is why it’s also important to hire a plumbing contractor for regular maintenance and inspection even if there are no visible defects.

Toilet Leaks

Silent leaks in the toilet are more common than you think, and public restrooms are especially prone to this issue because a lot of people are expected to use the toilets. Untrained eyes will not be able to detect the cause of the leaks right away, which is why you should only hire a reliable plumber in Singapore if you suspect there are any problems.

Running toilets are also a common problem, especially if there is a problem with how the handle works. Hire a 24 hours plumber if there are problems in the flapper valve, tank, fill tube, or the float. Sometimes silent leaks can be detected through regular maintenance and inspection with a plumbing services company.

Sewer Odor

If your restrooms and kitchens give off a bad smell even after thoroughly cleaning them, there might be problem with the sewer. The stink can come through the drains especially if there are debris and blockage in the sewer lines. You do not want to gain the reputation of having stinky restrooms among your customers and clients, so make sure to hire a plumber in Singapore to perform regular checks. The plumber can inspect the sewer for any blockages that might be causing the stink.

Septic Tank Leaks or Breaks

If there are any surface damage on the ground where the sewer line runs, you should call a licensed plumber to see what caused the problem. Any leak or break might be caused by damages to the piping, unsealed septic tanks especially if the plumbing works are old, damage to the septic tank cover, and rust or cracks in the septic tank.

Broken Pipes

While it’s easy to detect leaks in pipes that you can easily see, it’s not that simple if the water pipes are hidden from view. If you suspect that there are leaks in your plumbing or if there are sudden changes in the water pressure and the water bill, hire a licensed plumber in Singapore to perform a thorough inspection. Leaks are usually found at joints, and replacing them can be a difficult task. Call a 24 hours plumber such as Singapore super plumbers if there is a broken pipe, because it is considered an emergency repair.

Hairline Leaks

Hairline leaks refer to those tiny cracks in concrete where the plumbing works are found. You’ll find these mostly on the basement of the building and on the ceiling, because the water leaks come from either the water supply lines or the floor drain assembly. But in a large commercial building with several bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks, the leak could also come from the shower pan or the cracks between the tiles or grout. Call a professional plumber to assess the problem.

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters are essential in some businesses such as hotels, but maintaining them can also be a headache. Some of the most common problems that will need the expertise of a plumber in Singapore are buildup of sediment in the water heater, changes in the water temperature, unusual noises from the water heater, discolored water, water with foul odor, low water pressure, and leaks.

Low Water Pressure

In some old buildings, the water pressure can be affected by the buildup of sediments and deposits on the plumbing works, specifically on the faucet aerators. Call a plumbing contractor in Singapore to inspect your plumbing works or if your office uses a filtration system that has not been inspected or maintained for some time.

Sometimes, the low water pressure may also be caused by breaches in the pipes leading to the building, and this is considered an emergency plumbing work with a licensed plumber because the water that leaks from the pipes could potentially damage the building.

Installation of Pipes, Sinks, and Tubs

If you need to install new pipes, sinks, or tubs in a commercial building, you should hire a reputable plumbing services company to provide you with experienced personnel and quality products. There will be fewer problems in the future if the new fittings and fixtures are installed professionally.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is a must for any commercial property in Singapore to prevent issues that will affect office operations. You could schedule an inspection and preventive maintenance with a plumbing contractor every few months to prevent major plumbing problems that will cost more.

What Are the Different Kinds of Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. Not only is it where the food is made, but is also the workplace of your chefs and cooks, who will need commercial kitchen equipment to make your dishes.

Without a proper functioning workplace, you will have a hard time getting your specialty dishes out to the tables. And much like any workplace, your kitchen needs commercial kitchen equipment to bring the best that your restaurant has to offer.

As an soon-to-be restaurant owner, it’s important that you not only know the different kinds of kitchen equipment that you’ll be needing, but also to know exactly how each one works and how to keep them in good shape to last you a long time.

Essential Appliances

While you may already know the different kinds of basic equipment used in the kitchen, it never hurts to refresh your mind on how each one works and what they should be used for.

    • Oven – What makes ovens a versatile must-have appliance for your kitchen is that not only will you be using an oven for your pastries, but you will be using one to heat up food quickly and with little delay.

    • Stove Range – There’s a good chance that many of your main dishes (as well as appetizers) will need to be prepared over an open flame, and a commercial stove range is always the powerhouse of the kitchen. Commercial stove ranges can either be powered by gas or electricity.

    • Grill – Grills are used to make a plethora of meat dishes. If your menu will consist of having two or more of them, you will need to make room for a grill to make things easier.
    There are different advantages of having a grill to cook your meat dishes instead of cooking on the gas range with a wire rack, the biggest of which is allowing the fat of the cut to easily come out and render the meat.

    • Deep Fryer – Because no dish is complete without a side, a deep fryer from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore is a must-have for your restaurant when it comes to getting food out quickly. Deep fryers are designed to quickly fry as much food as possible, and mainly consists of a temperature-regulated pool of oil with a strainer to strain the food from the excess oil.

    • Food processors – Whether you need a batch bowl, continuous feed, buffalo chopper, or a combination of any or all of the previous three, you will always need one of these to process all types of ingredients to a consistency that your recipe needs while saving time, and you can also add different attachments to collect the chopped/processed food.

    • Freezers and Refrigerators – No commercial kitchen or restaurant is complete without a freezer or refrigerator to store frozen goods or perishable ingredients. Refrigerating is a wonder of modern technology that allows these kinds of ingredients to last longer, which make them a necessity in any kitchen.

    This is one piece of equipment that you can easily get from any kitchen equipment supplier, whether new or used, without much fuss about its safety – this is because industrial refrigeration units are designed to meet the needs of the food industry in Singapore.

    There are many kinds of refrigerators and freezers available, but mostly fall under reach-in and walk-in types of units.

Other Kinds of Equipment and Appliances

As much as you need the aforementioned appliances for your restaurant in Singapore to operate smoothly, you also need to install the following to make sure your kitchen stays in top shape:

    • Shelving – From plates, spoons, and forks, to glasses, and even pots and pans and ingredients, you not only need a cool, dry place where they can be safe from falling off and breaking, but also to keep them away from pests. A good shelf that’s high enough to do this but also within reach for your staff is a must-have for your kitchen to operate smoothly.

    Shelves also free up a lot of space for your staff to work with, which makes it easier for them to cook safely without having to worry about knocking over stacks of breakables as they move about from station to station.

    • Sinks and Preparation Counters – Sinks are not only where dishes get washed, but also where the meats are thawed and the vegetables are washed. Preparation counters are where the cooked dishes are placed to cool down for a minute or two before being served.

    • Safety Equipment – Safety and sanitation equipment are two of the last, but not the last, things you should keep in mind when starting a restaurant. Be sure to contact your local fire department and health department before purchasing any of these types of equipment to make sure they are up to code and adhere to current regulations.

Should You Buy Them New or Used?

The good news is that you can buy used commercial kitchen equipment in order to stay within your set budget. However, if you can’t, you can always resort to purchasing new equipment that you can sell later on if you don’t need them anymore.
You should talk with your kitchen equipment supplier about the equipment that you want to buy. As much as possible, aside from talking about the price range, take the time to ask questions about how long a particular piece of equipment has been around.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Important Bicycle Materials for the Intermediate Rider

Although the bicycle is considered a hobby by most people, some enthusiasts want to upgrade their biking skills and compete as amateurs or professionals. Most of the famous cyclists, however, began as intermediate riders to hone their skills. For this transition to competitive cycling, you need to find the best bicycle for your specific needs.

Here are important points you need to know when deciding to become an intermediate rider.

Bike Styles. An intermediate rider needs to travel at least 40 miles per day to be ready for more difficult challenges ahead. Purchasing the right bicycle at the bicycle shop in Singapore, however, can be difficult with so many styles and brands to choose from. Intermediate riders, however, are advised to stick to either the road bike or the mountain bike for a more intense training. Still, you can also pick other bicycle types depending on which style you want to master in the future, such as the BMX and triathlon bicycle.

The road bicycle is designed for paved surfaces, making them ideal for touring, racing, and riding; while the mountain bicycle is designed for off-roading on rough terrain. The BMX bicycle is designed for freestyle riding, racing, and jumping both on paved surfaces and rough terrain; while the triathlon bicycle is designed aerodynamically to make travelling faster.

Bike Frame Materials. Now that you have decided to pursue riding more seriously, you need to invest in quality materials that will last longer and will endure a harsher training regimen. Most bicycles you will find at the bicycle shop in Singapore are made from steel. Depending on the grade of steel, it is usually the best choice for beginners and casual riders because it is cheap, does not fatigue and has a spring, and will not easily rust if maintained properly. The bicycle shop in Singapore will not recommend this material to an intermediate rider, however, because it’s heavy and thin.

Ideally, an intermediate rider should use a titanium frame for the bicycle because it’s light, strong, does not fatigue, and will not rust. The material is difficult to manipulate, however, that is why it’s more expensive than steel frames.

Bike Features. You will not need the most expensive mountain or road bike you can find at the bicycle shop, but any intermediate rider must consider the following features:
1. Full Suspension. To travel more easily on rough terrain, pick a mountain bike with a full suspension instead of a dual suspension bicycle. Road bicycles on the other hand do not have a suspension, but if you’re worried about comfort, you should find tires that are wider or brands that comply to the bike’s fork and frame.
2. Suspension Forks. For mountain bicycles, you should look for models with adjustable fork suspension if you want to have better control when traveling.
3. Transmission. As an intermediate rider, choose a mountain bike with 2 x 10 or 3 x 9/10 chainsets to have better control over rough terrain. You can also opt for single chain rings with a speed cassette if you want to lessen the weight and make traveling simpler.
4. Wheels. As an intermediate rider, you can choose between carbon or aluminum wheels, depending on how much you want the bicycle to weigh.
5. Multiple Gears. Most road bikes will include two cogs on the front and 10 or more gears on the rear, usually up to a total of twenty-two gears. These are important when you’re planning to train in difficult and steep terrains.

Bike Accessories. Don’t forget to purchase quality bicycle accessories such as a helmet with polystyrene liner, knee pads, elbow pads, small bike bag with accessories for repairing your bike (including patch kit, spare tube, pump, tire pressure gauge, lubricant, and lock), and water bottle holder. These bicycle accessories will make your training easier and safer.