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How to Handle Electrical Overloads at Home or Office in 4 Easy Steps

Homeowners and business owners in Singapore alike can sometimes ignore the dangers of electricity. Because there are now so many devices that need to be plugged in and switched on to work, it’s actually not that hard to imagine how likely electric overloads can be.

When a current going through a circuit exceeds the circuit’s capacity, this can result in an overload. This may be because you have too many electrical devices plugged into the same outlet, or if an appliance exceeds the current capacity.

When these overloads do happen, there are usually safety features (i.e. circuit breakers and fuse boxes) to minimize any potential hazards that could arise due to the overload. These safety features are often mandatory, and can do a lot to prevent accidents from happening.

By knowing how to handle current overloads at home or at work, you can not only make sure that you minimize any potential damage, but also keep people nearby from getting hurt.

1. Know the amperage of fuses and circuit breakers

The amperage is a term used to describe the strength of an electric current, and is measured in amperes, or amps, in most modern devices and circuit breakers.

To prevent another electrical overload at home or at work, you should find out how much amperage your fuses and circuit breakers have, and these are often loaded up to eighty percent of their rating.

Put simply, a circuit breaker with a capacity of twenty amperes will trip once the current reaches sixteen amperes. Circuit breakers that keep tripping violate this rule, in which case you should contact a power trip technician in Singapore to have it checked.

2. Find out which circuits connect to which outlets/rooms

Once you’ve successfully managed to find out which circuits in your home or office keep on overloading despite how many times you changed the safety fuse, the next step you should take is to find out where the circuit connects to.

After finding the overloading circuit, switch off these electrical works. Shut down and pull the plug on all devices that happen to be connected to that circuit to minimize the risk of an electrical or fire hazard at work or at home.

Business owners and homeowners in Singapore alike can easily access their circuit legend from their office or house’s plans in order to find out where this is.

(Tip: You can use an electronic device to test if there is still power in the outlets that are directly connected to the overloading circuit.)

3. Add all your appliances’ and devices’ amperage

Proceed to plug in your appliances and switch on the breakers slowly after determining where the overloading circuit is. Be sure to take note of their amperage when you do so (ideally, there should be a sticker on your appliances that states the amount of amperage they have) and write them down.

Once you’ve added the amperage of your appliances and devices, proceed to compare this number with the maximum allowed amperage of the circuit and the circuit breaker. If the amperage of your appliances exceeds that of the circuit’s allowed amount, try shutting them down when not in use.

As much as possible, avoid using many appliances that need to be plugged in when you find that there is a circuit at home or office that is in danger of a potential electric overload, and be sure to call a licensed electrician service in Singapore when this happens.

4. Consult a professional electrician services

Electricity can both be extremely useful and extremely dangerous at the same time, and while using electricity for your appliances can be quite simple, don’t hesitate to call a professional should a problem arise.

As much as possible, call a professional electrician right away when you find yourself encountering this problem in order to avoid any potential hazards that could arise, and during the initial assessment, be sure to unplug any and all appliances that you’re not using.

A good electrician will be able to assess why the circuit is overloading as well as give you helpful advice on how to take the necessary measures to keep this from happening again, and even make sure that all your cables, wiring, and fixture installations are working properly.

Hiring an electrician services can also help you get your electrical works up-to-date to keep it run as smoothly, efficiently, and as safely as possible.

Your responsibility as a business owner or a homeowner is to be able to find and fix potential hazards in your office, especially electrical ones, such as a loose or cut wire that needs to be joined back together.

While there are some problems that you can fix yourself, there are definitely other bigger and more dangerous hazards that could cause a danger when handled poorly, and should be best left to professional services.

With a professional service helping out your business, you minimize risks for your business and get the most out of your electricals and equipment, all with the benefit of fast work and guaranteed results to ensure that your home or office is safe and ready to take on your needs.

Depending on the kind of electrical problem that you have for your home or office, you might even want to contract a professional firm that is available on call 24/7 to solve your electrical problems.

Vietnam Guide: Tips to Renting a Property in Saigon

Although there are plenty of rental accommodations in Vietnam, it is worth the while to spend a little bit of effort to search for ones with complete amenities in reasonable prices. When thinking of rent apartment at HCMC, here are some tips to keep in mind before signing the contract.

1. Know Your Goals

Be honest with yourself and know the kind of place you will be happy to live in and you would be able to afford.
Unfortunately, too many expats come to Vietnam and unsure of what kind of space to rent, do not know how to rent a house and end up renting a place they do not like. To ensure you find a place you actually want to live in for longer time, answer these following questions:

• Do you like an area with a lot of people? Some individuals like being around with people, while others are like hermit crabs and would prefer a quiet home where they are not required to socialize. If you are the former, a shared house would be ideal. It would save you money and allow you to make new friends. If you are the latter, a studio-type condominium rental in district 1 would likely be a nice option for you.

• Do you prefer to cook or dine outside? Answering this question will help you determine the most suitable location for you and decide on the house to rent. If you want to cook for yourself, an apartment for rent in district 2 that has cooking facilities like a stove and an oven would be ideal. If you prefer dining outside, a small condo unit in the heart of Vietnam would give you easy access to eateries, pubs and restaurants.

• What facilities would you prioritize? Many would prioritize a private toilet and bathroom, an air conditioning unit and a reliable internet, but there are also others who want a fridge and a television. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

• Do you want more natural lighting? If yes, rent a house with bigger windows or rent apartment in Saigon with terrace.

• Do I want a short-term or a long-term rent? Oftentimes, long-term leases have better chances of getting better prices. Landlords usually offer 12-, 6- and 3-month deals. Try to negotiate your terms and see if you can bargain.
Also, consider if there is an allotted parking space for tenants, accessibility of the landlord, existing furniture and if pets are allowed in any apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Make Friends

Be friendly with people who speak the language. They are your best sources for affordable Saigon apartment rental. Discuss with your officemates, neighbour and new found friends about renting of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to gather recommendations of the best places to rent. Who knows, one of those new found friends could be an owner of an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Skip the Agent and Browse the Internet

Since you do not speak the language, your immediate solution for Saigon apartment rental would probably be calling an agent. While this can be helpful, you will likely be priced much higher as the agent would have to charge you with his professional fee. If you want to save as much as half the rental price, search for apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh online and contact directly the owner of the property. Websites like provides updated listings of properties for rent and provides direct contact details of the owners for interested tenants to call.

4. Walk Around

This is perhaps the best tip to rent a house in district 3. A lot of house for rent in district 3 are not advertised online, and many of them come in very affordable prices. The owners simply hand a signage on the gate and wait for interested tenants to call. Other than being the best way to find hidden gems, walking around gives you a feel and an idea of the neighbourhood. Look for the magic words Cho Thuê, which means ‘for rent.’ Some signs may also say nha cho thuê, which means ‘house for rent’ followed by a contact number.

5. Visit the House

Whether it is a house, apartment or a villa rental, it is very rare to take the first unit you see. You will likely visit more properties than expected, so be patient and do not feel pressured to say ‘yes.’ When you rent apartment in HCMC, always check the water pressure. If the pressure is low, it could be that the water tank is not on the roof, which should always be so there will be no problem with water pressure. Other than the water, also check the kitchen and air conditioning of the home, as well as other things you prioritize to have (as answered in number 1).

The Neighborhood around Saigon

• Expats

As per personal choice, if you are a foreigner in Vietnam, you have the freedom to either lease masteri condominium at Thao Dien where you can find a lot of expats or rent apartment somewhere in HCMC where there’s lesser foreigners residing. Both offer different advantages. Choosing the latter will give you a chance to fully experience Vietnamese culture, while the former offers higher standard of living with expat-friendly schools and establishments nearby.

• Ho Chi Minh City

Districts 2 and 7 are the ideal neighbourhoods for expats, since they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Choosing an apartment for rent in district 2 will give you peaceful environment after a long day at work or in school. However, if you wish to live nearby the entertainment area of Saigon, condominium rental in district 1 is the best choice for you as most condo building there are situated near tourist sites, parks, bars and restaurants.

• Hanoi

If you are an expat looking for a luxurious stay, villa rental are all over Hanoi. Particularly at Tay Ho, you can have your own home and even a private pool with villa rental. Hoa Nhoah Chinh is where many expats from Asian country reside, while West Lake area tends to attract European and Australian expats.

Now that you already have these tips, it would hopefully be easier for you to rent apartment in Saigon.

Getting the Right Size For Her Engagement Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings have always been a symbol of love for couples. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes everlasting union as it exhibits neither a beginning nor an ending point. And the tradition of wearing it on the left hand is said to originate from ancient Egyptian belief that the ring finger has a vein that directly connects to the heart.

With this symbolism and meaning, an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. Since you want your future wife to wear the ring for the rest of her life, it only makes sense that you get the ring in her exact size.

Variation of Ring Sizes

When it comes to wedding ring, size matters—a lot! Standard ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the ring’s inner circumference. However, just like clothing sizes, ring sizes vary from vendor to vendor. A size six in one jeweller may not have the same fit with another jeweller’s size six.

Ring sizing becomes even more complicated when you consider regional variations and deviations of sizing charts. American, German, and Japanese follow unique numerical scale that’s different from one another. The deviations of ring size charts also matters, since all jewellers in the world follow different sizing metrics. The metrics have something to do with the circumference or the diameter of the ring, and it is up to the jeweller what metric system they will use.

See Directly the Jeweller for Sizing

Although you can easily find ring sizing tools and charts online, the best and the easiest method is to skip the DIY and go straight to the jeweller.

Jewellery shops in Singapore use a mandrel—a metal wand with markers for sizing—to accurately determine the size of the ring. The ring is slipped on the wand and wherever it stops tells the size. By directly go to a jeweler such as ling jewellery made to order proposal ring in Singapore you won’t have to worry about the differences of sizing charts and measuring methods.

On the other hand, if you want to get an idea of the ring size before going to a jeweller, consider purchasing a plastic ring sizer or your own mandrel set to use at home. Although getting sized by a professional jeweller is more accurate, purchasing your own sizer can be more convenient.

Ring Sizing Tips

When shopping for an engagement ring, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

• Always Go For a Snug Fit
When shopping for an engagement ring, jewellers’ number one advice is to go for a snug fit. If shopping together, let your girlfriend fit the ring. The one that goes on easy and comes off hard is the best fit. This means that the ring is sized perfectly for her finger, minimizing chances of accidental slip offs.

• Consider the Band’s Width
If the wedding ring you’re eyeing has wider band, expect that it will fit tighter on her. Jewellers in Singapore recommend going up a quarter or half a size for rings with wider bands.

• Ask for a Ring Sizer From Your Jewellery Store

Many jewellery stores in Singapore provide their customers with ring sizer. If you already found a vendor like in Singapore where you will buy your proposal ring, you can request for a printable ring sizer, which they can conveniently email to you.

• Consider the Season
Are you buying the engagement ring during cooler season? If so, consider that our fingers tend to expand a bit during the hotter season. Buy a ring in size that won’t be uncomfortable for her during the hotter months.

• Go for Bigger Size
If all else fails, go for a bigger size. Remember, it’s easier to reduce size than to expand.

Getting Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You don’t have to ruin your surprise proposal by asking your girl directly her ring size. Find someone who may have the scoop on what her ring size is. Her mom, sister, or best friend may know or can work their magic to help you find out her ring size discreetly.

Also, notice the jewellery she’s wearing. Does she wear the same ring over and over again? It might be because it fits her finger perfectly. Wait for her to remove it and secretly take it to the jeweller when you think she won’t wear it (e.g. a day off from work, house cleaning, etc.). But if she only takes it off to shower or work-out, and you have limited access to the jewellery, get a new bar of soap and press the ring into it, just enough to make a clear mark to serve as a mold. The jeweller should be able to tell the size according to the markings on the mold.

If she only takes off the ring for a few minutes, perhaps to slather on some lotion and get dressed in the morning, the quickest way to get her size is to slip the ring on your finger and have a Sharpee ready to mark how far down it goes into your finger.

Planning an engagement can be exciting. However, when you get to the point of buying an engagement ring, it can get quite intimidating as you need to sneak your way to knowing your fiancé’s ring size. Hopefully, with these tips, shopping for a proposal ring would be less stressful for all our soon-to-be-groom friends.