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4 Powerful Secrets to Keep Your Marriage Strong, Alive, and Successful

Keeping the romance alive even after the bills start pouring in and the children start coming in can be quite difficult, and the daily travails of working adult life as a married couple can add in new stresses you have never experienced before as a couple.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. After about six months to a year, the feeling of being “in love” starts to fade, and tackling everyday problems with your partner for the rest of your life will eventually wear you out at some point in time.

Fortunately, even relationships can be invigorated without having to end up in relationship counselling in Singapore as a last-ditch attempt to save them. Here are a few ways you can bring the romance back into your marriage and keep you going strong as a couple:

1. Keep communication open, honest, and respectful

Take the initiative of setting aside time to talk about any issues at a best psychologist from Singapore that your marriage has come across. Be sure to foster an environment that allows you to safely discussing your expectations, anxieties, and insecurities, though not necessarily in that order.

It’s also really important you find a proper place and time to do this, preferably at a time and place where no one can distract your conversation and you won’t be distracted by anything else.

Remember to be sensitive to your spouse when you do decide to open up about what’s in your mind. Keep showing your love, affection, and respect to your partner as you share your thoughts. Stay calm – perhaps the most important thing you need to do is to listen to him/her.

2. Don’t be afraid to add a little spice in the relationship

One of the biggest reasons why married life can get boring quickly is because of how monotonous it can get over time. This is why it’s important to add some variety and spontaneity to the relationship, and it can range from something as simple as tickets to a movie or a play to planning an entire evening or weekend to surprise your spouse with.

There are so many ways that you can do this. For instance, you can start with small things such as arguing over splitting the chores at home. Instead of having a tiff over who has to cook and who has to do the dishes, do both of them together instead.

This doesn’t just end in giving your partner gifts – switching up your intimacy and closeness by changing your patterns of flattering your partner in subtle ways can do wonders in improving your physical relationship.

At the end of the day, what you really need is to keep this in mind: complacency will kill the relationship.

3. Ditch the distractions and focus on your spouse

Put the phone away and get your eyes away from the screen – it’s important that you spend time to enjoy the company of your partner. Whether it’s enjoying a romantic dinner or even a simple one at home after a long day’s work, having this quality time between the two of you is sure to bring back that lost spark in your marriage.

This will take a lot of effort at first. Because of the nature of your work, as well as many other factors in your lives, you may find that bringing back the spark by engaging in conversation or spending quality time can be difficult. But once you get past the awkwardness, the spark will be sure to come back.

Remember how you managed to connect in the early stages of your relationship. This is in many ways similar to muscle memory – while you may think that it’s no longer what it used to be, it’s never completely gone.

4. Evaluate your relationship

Every marriage, no matter how successful or on the rocks, always needs an assessment that you can get at in Singapore to check where you are at in your relationship. Every once in a while, don’t forget to hit the pause button and being able to take a careful look at how your marriage is holding up with your spouse in a caring and thoughtful way.

Whether you’re asking or answering the questions, be honest with your partner on how you feel about certain things in your marriage without exaggerating or shifting into personally attacks. As much as possible, try not to use words such as “always” or “never” in your conversation, as this may only end up frustrating your spouse.

It also helps that you schedule regular appointments with a psychologist in Singapore for relationship counselling in Singapore. With the right counselling in by a licensed psychologist in Singapore, you will not only be able to foster a safe space to voice your thoughts to each other, but even come out as a better couple.

How Relationship Counselling Singapore Can Help You

There are many benefits that can be gained by seeking relationship counselling in Singapore. Perhaps the biggest benefit that relationship counselling can give is that a psychologist is able to help you create a safe environment where you and your partner can bring up, discuss, and grievances without the fear of judgement or reprisal.

As long as both parties are willing to participate and engage with an open mind, there will always be results. Once the couple puts in the effort in the therapy sessions all the way through, they can even emerge from the office of the psychologist in Singapore with a renewed vigor in their relationship.

Consulting a recommended psychologist should not be seen as a last-resort option. Booking an appointment for relationship counselling at a Singapore psychologist should be something done on a regular basis (e.g. at least once a year) in order to assess the quality of the relationship and to make sure that it stays for a long time.

How to Improve Your CRM Strategy with Social Media

The customers are the most critical aspect of a business, so why would you take customer experience for granted? Most organizations and businesses in Singapore would insist that they care really deeply about their customers. However, in the social media environment, customer relationship management is oftentimes not a priority for many of these organizations.

Setting aside or completely discounting social media as part of your CRM system can negatively impact your brand. An exceptional experience is what makes customers refer you to others and most importantly become loyal to you. Anything negative in their experiences will certainly reflect on your sales reports and may even affect your credibility in the industry.

CRM tools for social media allow you to keep track and engage with consumers across different platforms to come up with ideas that generate better experiences for your patrons. While you already have CRM software for other areas of your CRM system, you just cannot afford to overlook the social media aspect.

Here, we’ll show you four ways how social media can improve your CRM.

1. Breaking up silo mentality

Since we’re talking about improving your brand’s customer relationship management through social media, you would need to break up silo mentality in order to become effective social media handlers. Instead of the marketing team holding all the information of the company’s strategies, you will be encouraged to work hand-in-hand with the sales, customer support and social media teams, so everybody in the organization is on the same page.

In many offices, different departments and teams tend to keep information from one another, perhaps because of internal competition. This unhealthy competition can impact your operations in a negative way, especially if you are seeking on improving your brand’s social media presence.

If you want to work for a better customer experience through social media, every department will have to learn to work together as one team to be able to address any customer concerns. For many Singapore organizations, it significantly helps to use a cloud CRM, like what Crystal Dash CRM from Singapore offers as one of its business CRM services. With this function, everything can be centralized and everyone can work in a single platform, allowing every team to access any information they need anytime. Cloud CRM stores not only customer profiles, but also previous conversations issues and transactions you had with a certain customer.

2. Discover Prospects Through Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtag and keyword analysis is one of the best ways for companies to discover mentions, conversation and users. Oftentimes, this online feature helps businesses uncover opportunities they would have never discovered through traditional marketing strategies.

Hashtags, specifically, allow you to categorize contents and make it much easier to identify prospects. But what if people misspelled your brand name or typed it without @mention or hashtag?

These sales opportunities tend to get forgotten and have smaller chances of getting a response from your company. Analyzing hashtags and keywords will allow you to locate these prospects—prospects who are off the traditional sales category.

You can still find these off-the-track customers by doing these tricks:

• Tracking possible incorrect spellings of your company name
Look for the common incorrect spellings of your company name to locate users who are trying to get your attention. Especially if you have a unique brand name, search for all possible misspellings of your name on social media.

• Tracking industry keywords
What are the common terms your audiences use to search for your industry on social media? Analyzing industry keywords help discover new keywords where you can find potential customers.

• Tracking competitors’ keywords
Also, analyze your competitors’ keywords and see what’s driving their customers’ engagement to better your social media strategy. This is also a great way to track customers who are trying to interact with your competitors.

3. Track Customers Journey

Regardless of the type of company you have or the industry you’re in, your customers’ journey should always be tracked. Just like preserving a long-term relationship, your CRM software should invest for the future. That means being able to track customer conversations, the things they ‘like’ in different social media platforms and other engagement they make online.

It‘s not just about attracting potential customers through social media, but more importantly strengthening existing relationships, constantly providing value to your patrons and being always on top of their minds whenever they need something in your industry.

A CRM software that can handle automated sales management and save detailed conversation threads is a great tool to have. Being able to view previous conversation with a user allows you to communicate effectively according to the data shown in your previous conversations.

It essentially helps your support and social teams to be reminded where the customer is in the journey and any issue he or she may have with your company before. Having this information gives your team a valuable data about how the customer sees your company and how to approach the customer for engagement.

4. Respond to Complaints Right Away

Social media platforms allow companies to communicate with consumers in real time. That does not mean only engaging with people who praises your company. Since you do not want to lose your loyal customers, you have to respond to negative comments as well.

We all know consumers like to express their complaints on social media. In fact because of this common action among users, social media has made today’s companies more accountable for their actions.

The simplest way to preserve high sales reports and retain loyal consumers is to increase response time to complaints. Consumers hate waiting for a reply, especially on their complaints. They know that their message is going to be read by someone, so there’s no point of leaving them unanswered.

By integrating a powerful CRM software that does more than just sales management tasks, you can boost customer satisfaction. Your customers are your business’ most valuable asset, so make sure to work hard to provide excellent customer experience by building an effective CRM system.

Bad Habits that Will Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease (And How to Change Them)

One of the most common causes of heart diseases among patients here in Vietnam is atherosclerosis, which is the clogging of the arteries by the rupturing of plaque, resulting in clotting and severe restriction of blood flow.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to heart disease, many of which are preventable and can be improved. Here are a few that can be changed in order to minimize the risk of heart disease without having to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for heart screening:

1. Lack of Proper Stress Management

Stress is an essential mechanism that allows us to cope with pressure in certain situations. When a person is stressed, cortisol is formed in the brain as a “fight-or-flight” response hormone, which increases blood sugar while breaking down fats and carbohydrates.

However, being angry or being exposed to stress for extended periods of time can actually be harmful to your body. Not only can unrelieved stress inflict damage to your arteries, but it can also complicate or cause other factors to contribute to potential heart disease.

The build-up of cortisol in the bloodstream also has other effects, such as decreased mental function, Stress management that doesn’t rely on smoking or drinking will do your body wonders in the long run.

2. Not Eating Breakfast/Having a Poor Diet

Believe it or not, having a healthy heart isn’t just about what you eat (i.e. fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), but also about when you eat.

According to health specialists from chuyen gia y khoa Vietnam and other health studies conducted by professional healthcare providers, people who eat breakfast tend to be at lower risk of heart disease compared to non-eaters, and are at lower risk of having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Your diet can also increase your risk of developing heart disease, especially if it consists of an unhealthy amount of salts, fats, and oils. To minimize this risk, switch instead to a diet rich in fibers, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid or minimize your daily intake of red meat.

3. Drinking

While alcohol itself has no direct effect on the heart, it is essentially made up of empty calories and causes high blood pressure to rebound the day after. Not only does this make your heart susceptible to abnormal rhythm, but this also increases the heart’s susceptibility to muscle weakness and, if not treated early enough, even muscle damage.

Despite this, the occasional glass of red wine can still do you wonders, provided that you drink in moderation.

4. Smoking

The effects of smoking are primarily attributed to your lungs. However, they could also affect your heart via the blood vessels that channel blood through your respiratory system as well as your entire body. Second-hand smoke is also considered to be more toxic than first-hand smoke.

Both smoking and drinking are highly addictive and take a lot of discipline and willpower to change. It isn’t surprising that a lot of former smokers or drinkers trying to quit relapse at least once or find a lot of difficulty in trying to quit for good.

To get you started on quitting, a quick visit to a heart specialist or heart doctor will tell you the dangers of excessive smoking and drinking with one or two X-rays or a brief story about a patient that they had previously encountered.

5. Sleeping Late/Not Getting Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep could also result in high cortisol levels in a person’s system similar to prolonged stress. Not only does this result in a reduced motor function or feelings of anxiety or depression in the short term, but can also place a strain on the heart in the long term.

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours. The best way for you to know how much sleep you need is by simply writing down the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up.

6. Not Getting Enough Exercise

Lack of physical activity could also increase your chances of developing a heart disease, as the high cholesterol and deposits of body fat can build up and potentially clog major arteries and blood vessels.

The build-up of fat in your arteries is otherwise known as “plaque”, and is one of the most common causes of atherosclerosis.

Intense physical activity, such as exercise, can not only process the deposits of body fat and cholesterol in your bloodstream, but also increase your cardiovascular endurance and minimize this risk in the future.

On Regular Heart Screening

While you may not be diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease until you suffer from a heart attack, it’s important that you see a cardiologist from and start the habit of getting your heart health checked on a regular basis.

There are many different procedures which a cardiologist to monitor vital signs or any anomalies in your cardiovascular system, such as irregular rhythms, or even high or low blood pressure. Chuyen Gia Y Khoa also has many competent specialists, so finding the best cardiologist or cardiology center should not be a problem.

Moreover, heart screening is readily available in a cardiology center, either in a government hospital or at a private clinic, where a heart specialist or heart doctor will check for any signs and anomalies, and prescribe you the necessary medications as well as lifestyle changes in order to minimize your risks.